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How Travel API Service Provider Supporting Complete Travel Solution?

How Travel API Service Provider Supporting Complete Travel Solution?

Travel API is the relevant thing while thinking of travel portal development as it brings complete travel portal solution. The effective travel software can only be produced for travel sector when it is integration with travel API. A complete solution involves Hotel reservation API, Flight reservation API, Vehicle API and other major API’s.

To develop a responsive portal it is necessary to take services from best Travel API Integration service. For a travel business updating information on a daily basis is the needed thing. This can be only possible through API integration in their booking engine. API collects the data from different supplier and display information on portal as per user demand. There are number of API service providers available in the market. Choosing the most suitable of them require rigorous study. Here are some of the most effective travel API’s in the market.

Travel API Integration service

Demanding Travel API’s For An Effective Travel Portal Development API

This is a renowned name in the list of travel API service provider. The name itself speaks its achievement. is a web based travel operator dealing in hotel booking. The company is maintaining a high catalogue of registered properties. It is allowing access to  thousands of hotels to their clients.

Main Features of Booking.comAPI

  • Using this API a person can explore stay properties entering city, hotel name, check in date and number of rooms required.
  • The API offers exclusive deals
  • Every possible information regarding hotel
  • Fluctuation in price can be seen on a daily basis
  • Check out details
  • Reserve hotels
  • Downloading E-ticket is possible
  • Remit information to service providers

Abacus GDS API

Abacus is engaged in travel portal development and other travel technology services to many clients. The company many look for the options to fulfill the requirement of travel industry. Abacus GDS API basically integrates a large number of airline companies for travel industry. Travel companies gets the collected data of many airline companies at one go. This simplifies the process for travel agencies and results into improved revenue.

Main Features Of AbacusGDS API

  • This API allow enhanced search ability and segregation feature
  • Exclusive ability to do discussion over cost
  • Comfort inn Geo-coding
  • Offers GUI in more improved way
  • Increases the commision earning capability
  • Flawless API integration

Expedia API Integration

Expedia is one of the top travel API service providers for hotels, flight, and vehicle to clients all over the world. With the time it has gained enormous recognition in the travel industry and helping many visitors for comfortable journey. With the successful achievement of their goals the company is operating with thousands of associates in different countries. This has resulted into more business with satisfied customers.

Orbits API

For a brilliant travel portal development Solutions the Orbits API a web based company providing API’s in hotel, car, and flights. The company has expanded its services to major countries of the world  such as

  • US
  • Las vegas
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • Chicago

In these countries the company offering exclusive deals. Travel agents get huge crowd of visitors booking a hotel, flight, vehicle, and holiday packages.

Amadeus API

Amadeus is a popular name in GDS industry invented Travel Innovation Sandbox. The API Amadeus is offering involves

  • Cheapest Hotel Search API
  • Hotel Flight Search API
  • Hotel Property Code Search API
  • Airport Traffic API
  • Most Visited Flight Destinations API

These API’s are giving huge advantage to domestic and international clients as well. It allows the clients to enable price effective ways to establish and improve personalized travel booking software.


It is quite understanding that API brought ease in travel business but one API does not suit every business. It is necessary to understand the actual needs of a particular business and choose the perfect Travel API.

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