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Top XX Software Testing Tools that Accelerate Testing Process

Top XX Software Testing Tools that Accelerate Testing Process

Software testing is becoming a top-notch segment of highest growth. In today’s world, it is even more competitive where developers are making their best efforts to comewith high-end software. The demand is on high-stake today and a big credit goes to the digital marketing services in India.

It is a complicated process for a developerto build rich-quality software. If you are a developerthen it’s mandatory to use numerous tools. A software development process consists of severalsteps. Coding, designing, testing, optimization and a lot of other steps need to be performed.

Having high-quality software for websites, app stores, smartphones are in extensive demand. And you, as a developer, need to dig deep of software development to fulfill the market demand.

What is software testing?

Software testing is an important step in android app development. Coding and designing of software make sure of how the app will be. But the real issue is getting bugs in between the process. The bugs are bad for every software development because it makes the experience sluggish.

That’s why bugs removal technique or software testing plays a key role. It is the process where bugs are removed from the software. Point to be noted, it’s not possible to make a software completely bug-free. But developers try their best efforts to make the number of bugs lesser as much as possible.

Software testing can be done in several stages. In this article, you will get to know about the 20 best software testing tools to enhance the testing process.

  1. qTest

QASymphonyis the developer of this tool. It’s one of the widely used software testing tools in the industry.This is the best tool to practice DevOps and Agile. Automation, test management, and reporting – these three major functions of software testing are supported in this platform. It can be integrated with GitHub, Jenkins, and Jira software.


  • Jira real-time integration is available
  • Hassle-free automation test can be scheduled
  • CI integrations are available
  • Analysis and reporting can be done properly
  • Agile test with test management
  • Testing can be done on session-based and exploratory stage
  • Enterprise Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is available

2. Testpad

The software development process is complicated and Testpad makes it easier. The checklist-inspired test plans make it even more comfortable for software testers. It can be integrated with a high range of software.


  • Guest software testing feature is available where you don’t have to create an account
  • Even if you are not an experienced software tester or a non-tester then you can use Testpad also
  • JavaScript controlled UI
  • Editor is keyboard-driven
  • Drag and drop test plans are available
  • New ideas and new tests can be performed in testing
  • The integration process is not so heavy-weight, can be done easily with JIRA

3. Practitest

Another popular software testing tool that many software testers prefer. Many reasons exist to prefer the Practitest tool. It is an end to end testing tool with a flexible user interface. The integration with multiple platforms can be done easily with Practitest. Understanding the analysis report and the testing results become apt with full visibility.


  • It increases the involvement of testing stakeholders
  • 3rd party integration arrays are available highly
  • Bug trackers, strong API, and several automation tools are the in-built features
  • Customization can be easily maintained in this tool
  • Tests on proper needs, making analysis, comparing results for different items become an easy task
  • Organizing and finding stuff becomes easy because it uses filter trees that are hierarchical
  • Advanced dashboards make genuine reports to visualize data
  • Methodological and professional support is available extensively
  • Call to test, permutations, step parameters, duplicates of anti-bugs are the highlighted feature

4. TestMonitor

It is also an end to end management tool and widely used in organizations. If you want to take the testing in a simpler way then this is the software testing tool for you. Building apps, QA requirement, enterprise software – the tool serves the purpose for everything.TestMonitor is one of the best useful hands for software testing process.


  • Testing requirements can be fulfilled easily no matter how hard the risk is
  • The test case design is advanced that’s why it has the capability of supporting a thousand cases
  • Planning tools are vast with multi-testing
  • Milestone cloning is available
  • Result tracking can be done comprehensively
  • Can be integrated with a wide range of software
  • Visualization options and multiple filters are available
  • User-friendly UI with all supported features
  • Strong APIs are supported with 3rd party integration
  • The response time of any professional support is quick

5. TestRail

If you want scalability, customization, web-based management in software testing then TestRail is for you. It requires lesser time to set-up and software testing becomes easy with this tool.


  • Tests, runs, cases can be controlled manually with flexible UI management
  • Dashboards are informative, activity reports, metricsfunctionalities are available
  • Real-time info of the testing process with instant analysis report
  • The boost efficiency of the software can be increased with its multi notification feature
  • Docker containers are supported highly
  • It offers enterprise-level design for multiple projects
  • Can be integrated with several tools

6. IBM rational quality manager

If you are looking for a software testing tool of automation process then this is the ideal choice for you and every software tester.Automation carries a big weight in software testing. This tool can increase the speed of the entire software testing process.

Release decisions are important for every software testing process. Making report metrics, scheduling of projects can be made quickly. Tracking tests, maintaining library, customer releases, engineering releases can be performed quickly.

It is an independent testing tool. QA projects can be managedquickly and efficiently.

7. Borland Silk Central

It has an in-built feature of easy-to-use operation where multiple tasks can be performed easily.Reporting, tracking, and execution are the three major factors of any software development process. With Borland silk central, the three steps can be performed easily.


  • Solving issues are fast and quick
  • TestBook execution gives proper insights of tests and reports
  • Reports can be generated with every minute issues
  • It has a different forum where testers can post issues, questions to be discussed with other testers

8. TestLink

It is one of the best web-based test management tools. TestLink provides ultimate support of quality testing. As a result, software made via TestLink, tend to become high-quality software.


  • User management, test plans, test cases, statistics, reports can be made quite comfortably
  • Test case export and import becomes easy
  • It can be integrated with many defective testing tools and platforms
  • Test case assignment to several users can be done without any hard-effort

Automated tools

9. Squish

GUI (Graphical User Interface) automation test is one of the popular choices when it comes to selecting automated software testing tools. It is a cross-platform tool where several regression tests can be performed.


  • GUI technology support
  • Mobile, desktop, embedded, and web are supported
  • Recording of test script feature is available
  • Both image-based and object-based verification with identification are available
  • CI systems and test management can be integrated easily
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is very powerful
  • BDD can be utilized in full support

10. Ranorex

This is an ideal tool for cross-platform testing. Ranorex studio can be described as an “everything in one place” kind of software testing tool. There are thousands of users exist who use Ranorex studio to speed-up the testing process. It is the ideal software testing tool for beginners.


  • Object identification is very strong
  • Software maintenance is reliable
  • Object repository can be shared with multiple
  • Code modules can be reused
  • Cross-browser checking
  • Delphi, ERP, SAP interfaces can be integrated easily
  • Parallel and distributed can be run on the Selenium grid

11. Selenium

If you are looking for the best-automated software testing tool then this is the right software testing tool for you. Web-based applications for automation testing is the best feature of Selenium. It supports many browsers and platforms.


  • Parallel tests, parallel test execution can be done very fast and quickly
  • The resource requirement is the least for this software testing tool
  • The test reports made by Selenium can be operated on any platform and OS
  • Python, Java, PHP, C, JavaScript are supported by Selenium

12. QTP

QTP (Quick Test Professional)is the automated testing tool that is responsible for GUI tests. If you are looking to develop one of the greatest web-based application thenthis is the right option for you. Regression automation test is the expertise of the tool. A scripting language is used in this tool.


  • It is the ideal tool for beginners to learn automation testing quickly
  • Simple testing workflow can be maintained from start to end
  • Checkpoints are accurate so every application testing can be validated accurately

13. Watir

It is an open-source web-based software development tool. This cross-platform tool is very reliable and flexible to check several automation tests. A third-party library like Ruby libraries can be taken help for testing. It makes conversation with a browser like it is communicating with a human being.


  • It’s a totally free tool and a tester can use it on any platform
  • It has a very strong active community
  • Fast and quick maintenance support
  • Multiple browsers are supported in several platforms
  • It is light-weight, easy to use, yet a highly robust tool

14. Testim

One of the best-automated tools currently available with every modern-day feature. The use of ML (Machine Learning) is highly used here. Automated test execution, authorization, maintenance can be done conveniently by Testim.


  • If issues are found in the system then the annotations can be added quite easily
  • Bug tracker facility is available
  • Screenshots of the annotated issue can be shared with others easily
  • Automatic bug test feature in the browsers can be generated comfortably

15. AppliTools

AppliTools are used for apps and sites software. The entire look and feel of the software are one of the major parts.The highlighted feature of this tool that it can integrate with software development tests easily, without starting a new test.


  • Cross browsing testing is available for several devices
  • The test reports stay on a more conversational tone
  • Access management can be used extensively
  • Premise or cloud service is available

16. Telerik Studio

Telerik Studio becomes a popular choice for web-based software development for multiple windows platforms. So, web and mobile software can be developed by following several steps easily.


  • AJAX application automation tests are available
  • Telerik UI is supported natively
  • Browser dialogs, HTML popups testing are available
  • Logging, JavaScript invocation facilities are supported
  • Continuous integration to build server is allowed

17. TestComplete

The automated testing tool helps to decrease the testing process costs. Efficiency can be increased too.


  • The user-interface is friendly and easy to understand
  • Several scripting languages are supported
  • The automated test results can be tested and no scripting knowledge is required
  • Data-driven testing can be offered on a high-amount
  • Extensions and plugins can be created according to proper customization

Cross-browser tools

18. LambdaTest

It is one of the cloud-based testing platforms that offers high scalability.The tool is ideal for every type of website apps that demand cloud-based facilities. The software made with this tool can be rendered seamlessly with visual, automated, and manual testing.


  • Selenium automation test is available
  • Testing browser compatibility is interactive and live
  • Screenshot testing is faster and automated
  • Launching of Goto market for parallel testing is available
  • APIs are available for instant testing
  • Integration tools can be tested continuously

19. Browsera

One of the best software testing tools for testing inthe browser and the elements. Layout and scripting errors can be tested successfully.


  • It compares the browser’s output and can quickly detect layout issues
  • After finishing every test, the JavaScript errors are collected and reported
  • All the pages of a website can be easily tested with the site crawling functionality

20. CrossBrowser Testing

It is the software testing tool that is responsible to check if the web application software is performing correctly or not.


  • Multiple tests can be performed on several devices at a single time
  • Automated checks against Android, IOS, and browsers can be done quickly
  • Nightwatch and WebDriver.IO framework testing can be done to increase the software quality and speed

So, this is the complete list of 20 software testing tools that will accelerate the testing process highly.

Digital marketing services in India is currently at a super ongoing pace. If you want to be one of the top-rated software companies, then focus on the marketing portion. This will increase the market share of your company and the audience will know more about your technical know-how.

Software testing is a really complicated process and several steps are needed to complete the entire process. Even little sub-steps exist in between the process. That is why it is important to use several testing tools to speed-up the entire process.

Accelerating the overall testing process is really time-consuming from a business perspective. A software company has to provide a smooth, bug-free, and responsive experience to the user. Testing is the ultimate step to make the software market-ready.

So, checkout the tools andbe an effective software tester.

Best of luck!

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