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Top Video Conferencing Apps for iPhone Users

Top Video Conferencing Apps for iPhone Users

People have been forced to stay at homes after the deadly outbreak of COVID-19 during the first quarter of 2020. Businesses started to modify their work processes and more focus was put on establishing communication and collaboration between the teams through the medium of video conferencing apps. Again, with more focus on self-quarantine and social distancing, such video calling apps became the best solution for keeping friends and families together.

The current situation has indicated better work from home scenarios for the future and it can even be wise for a business entity to invest their budget in developing video conferencing app which can be specifically designed for their employees and stakeholders. This can be done by hiring the best iOS app development company for the job.

For the time being, a number of video conferencing apps have been said to be justifying the purpose for the iPhone and iPad users and they have been explained below.


Price: In-app purchases starts at $3.49

Download link: here.

Skype is one of the popular videoconferencing apps among users. By using Skype users can talk to other Skype users for free. However, this video conferencing app is said to be hiding much of business potential out there. Still, there are some excellent features that the app brings on the table.

Skype can be downloaded and used on your device. Apart from downloading it for your iPad or iPhone, you can download it for Windows PCs and Mac desktop. You can easily conduct and enjoy video conferencing calls by adding up to 24 users in a go. Moreover, Skype even lets you conduct landline calls for a very nominal rate. This means if the other user does not pick up your Skype call then you can call them directly on their landline number.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Price: Free

Download link: here.

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps in the market and its popularity has soared high in recent times due to the pandemic of COVID-19 which led to businesses getting conducted within the walls of the homes. One of the main reasons why people opted for it was its free availability. Even when there are other video conferencing apps available in the market, the outstanding features that it offers make it an excellent choice for many users. So whether it is about conducting business meetings or simply a meet-up with friends for fun, Zoom has proved to be a perfect video calling partner.

It comes with some of the notable features like easy and quick screen sharing, cross-platform messaging, and high-quality audio and video calls. With Zoom, you can have up to 100 people joining your call and to make things easier, it offers you easy access to emails and contacts of your company.

Microsoft Teams

Price: Free

Download link: here.

This video conferencing app is free to use but to use it you need to have the trial or free subscription of Microsoft Teams or a paid Office 365 commercial subscription. You will be able to easily conduct business meetings, team meetings, and other professional activities with people once you have set up this app on your device.

In short, you can set up a single shared workspace where you can manage all your meetings, files, and conversations with others. To sum up, it can help you with many things as a business owner.

You can join the meeting from anywhere from the world and can be part of a video conference with HD quality audio and video calls. Here you can create a dedicated channel to have a meeting with your entire team or can even conduct group or personal chats.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Price: Free

Download link: here.

You get to explore the maximum potential of your iOS devices by the use of Cisco Webex. You can use Siri commands to use this app once you have downloaded and installed it. Moreover, signing into this app is quick and easy, and you can even use your Touch ID or Face ID to sign in which you have already used to register your device.

You can join the conversation with another user within a single tap through the Calendar app. You can even use this video conferencing app developed for iPad and iPhone to schedule meetings with the clients or teammates. With Cisco, you even get to share 3D files when it comes to content sharing.

Final thoughts

As a business organization, you will want to keep everything designed in a proper workflow and matching with what other professionals are using for their iPhones and iPads. Video conferencing apps have become a new norm when it comes to connecting with people and exchanging ideas and content. Today, more businesses have already moved in this direction and if you are still confused about choosing one, this post will help you make the right choice.

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