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Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kerala: Move past the Backwaters!

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kerala: Move past the Backwaters!

If colours represented each of our different and varied Indian states Kerala would be ‘Green’! God’s Own Country, as it’s fondly and known, is complete with lush green landscapes, rolling tea estates, scenic backwaters, the majestic Nilgiri Mountains and different wildlife that defines and describes this southern splendor of the land. Kerala has its own distinctive charm that brings together the different experiences of a rich heritage, cultural culture, lively locals and delicious coastal cuisines. Soaking in this destination’s vibes is equal to a meditation of body, the mind and soul! When you plan a trip for this southern paradise where landscapes are green as far as the eyes can see, keep a lookout for these 10 top rated tourist spots to see in Kerala (in no specific order) which will catch your heart and take your breath away!

1. Alleppey

From the early 20th century, Lord Curzon (British Viceroy to India), while on his trip to Alleppey exclaimed, “Here nature has spent on the land her wealthiest bounties. Since then, has been known to the world as the Venice of the East. Among the places is renowned for beautiful backwaters, its canals and boat races that are thrilling. With places temples and beaches, Alleppey is a heaven in the countryside. blessed with the best of nature’s bounties, and Fringed with beautiful palm trees, Alleppey is a must-visit location that forms an essential part of our Kerala tour packages!

Best time to visit:

The best time to see Alleppey is during the winter season between the months of November. For nature lovers, the rainy season is an excellent time to see counts and Alleppey for a whole new adventure as part of your Kerala trip package. Throughout the season, Alleppey looks lively with greenery everywhere!

Stops to visit:

The Backwaters of Alleppey, Krishnapuram Palace, Alappuzha Beach, Arthunkal Church, Marari Beach, Ambalapuzha Temple and Karumadi Kuttan Statue are some of the top places you can visit in Alleppey and make a portion of your Kerala travel packages.

The Alleppey Snake Boat Race is among the attractions in Alleppey. Plan your Kerala tour in the month of August to see this extraordinary boat race that occurs at the Punnamada Lake where snake ships (chundan vallam) compete against each other for the prestigious boat race winner name.

Kochi (Cochin)

Heralded as the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’, Kochi is a beautiful amalgamation of history, heritage and modern trade practices. Kochi offers you various places savour and to go to Kerala’s flavours. Enjoy a marvellous sunset with your loved ones or your significant other at Kochi’s beautiful beaches or just hold hands and have a stroll by the Marine Drive promenade. These memorable experiences can come true with our Kerala honeymoon suites that include Kochi as a must-visit destination. God’s Own Country’s capital, Kochi is one of the best tourist spots in Kerala.

Best time to visit:

The weeks between February and October is the ideal time to see Kochi. With temperatures ranging from 17˚C to 33˚C, this is the best time for couples on their honeymoon and shore lovers to research Kochi. For nature lovers, the best time to see Kochi is during the rainy season, during the months between July to September. You will notice an influx of tourists since this isn’t a season. Kochi is a treat to the eyes during the season when it turns emerald green in colour with character being in its best form! Another reason Kochi is an inclusion in our list of Kerala tourist places to see.

Stops to visit:

Pardesi Synagogue (Jewish Synagogue), Mattancherry Palace (Dutch Palace), Santa Cruz Basilica, Veeranpuzha Beach, Fort Kochi and Cherai Beach are some of the best places to go to in Kochi, that are covered in a normal Kerala trip package.

Kochi is renowned for using Chinese fishing nets, so don’t forget to watch these extraordinary fishing baits with the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset from the beach! For such experiences with your loved ones, you can check our Kerala honeymoon packages here. For an enjoyable trip with your family and friends, opt for our Kerala tour packages away!


Located in the Thrissur district of Kerala, Guruvayur is believed to be the home of Lord Krishna. Among a pilgrimage city in Kerala, Guruvayur and the most famous tourist spots is known for Guruvayur Temple and its early. Hindu devotees make offerings of coins, spices or fruits! Being the fourth largest temple in India, concerning the number of devotees that visit the temple daily, it’s become one of the prime pilgrimages centers of South India and a significant part of our Kerala packages.

Best time to visit:

The months from October to February are the best months to go to Guruvayur. You will encounter audience and pleasant weather. If you wish to be part of the yearly Guruvayur festival which occurs in the months of February or March, you can plan your Kerala tour so.

Stops to visit:

Aside from the Guruvayur Temple, the Mammiyur Mahadev Temple and the ISKON Centre are worth paying a visit. Other tourist areas include Parthasarathy Temple, Chamundeswari Temple, Chowalloor Shiva Temple, Harikanyaka Temple and Venkatachalapathy Temple. You may also go to the Palayur Church and an exceptional elephant refuge at Punnathur Kotta. To make these experiences a portion of your Kerala tour packages, plan your holiday!


With a maximum number of green landscapes and public parks, Thiruvananthapuram is rightly known as the ‘Evergreen City of India’! With long sandy shores, mountain channels, backwaters, tidal ponds and tranquil shorelines, Thiruvananthapuram/Trivandrum is a destination for all kinds of travellers! Thiruvananthapuram must offer to you the best of beaches, famous religious centers, monuments and an unmatched natural beauty. It’s an immaculate mixture of rich history and intriguing heritage with a mysterious blend of diversity which may be experienced with some of our Kerala tour packages.

Best time to visit:

The best time to see Thiruvananthapuram depends upon your likes! Even though the climate is somewhat humid, the general breezy air lends the surroundings a cool climate. If you prefer otherwise, the best time to see Thiruvananthapuram is in summer time, during the months from October to March. The climate offers a perfect setting and is quite pleasant!

Stops to visit:

Attukal Temple, Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kowdiar Palace, Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, Palkulangara Devi Temple, Malankara Church, Chandrashekharan Nair Stadium and Vellayani Lake are some of the most famous tourist spots that you can visit during your Kerala tour.


A whiff of spice in the air, lush green paddy fields and mist covered mountains around you and coffee, tea or coconut plantations around; Welcome to Wayanad! Away from the bustling town, Wayanad is among the best holiday destinations in South India and definitely counts as one of the top-rated tourist places to see in Kerala. Derived from the term Vayal Nadu, Wayanad literally means ‘The Property of Paddy fields ‘. Famous as a hill station escape, this quaint little place located in the north-east area of Kerala has piqued the interest of everybody, right from experience lovers to honeymooners!

Best time to See:

Wayanad in winters is just like a dream come true! The months from October to March are thought of as the time to see this paradise. Tourism is during this year when travellers from of the world head to this escape for peace of mind and comfort at its peak. Monsoons in Wayanad are also favoured when nature is at its finest and brief trips become readily possible to explore this quaint hill station in the Western Ghats.

Stops to visit:

Wayanad provides you with a picture perfect with scenery and spots. Get ready to go to this sanctuary with our Kerala packages straight away!


A haven for a variety of fauna and flora, Thekkady is a significant tourist destination and among the most gorgeous places. It’s home to the Periyar National Park, among the biggest and finest wildlife reserves in the nation. Enjoy a peaceful boat ride on the Periyar Lake and get an opportunity to witness the unique wild creatures that occupy the nature reserve. Thekkady sings of enchanting forests, beautiful mountain paths, picturesque plantations and tranquil man-made lakes which elevate and adorn the natural beauty of the place. It’s the dream destination for anybody who loves adventure, wildlife and nature! Besides being the ideal escape for a relaxed and pleasant vacation, Thekkady is also thought of as a favourable spot for cultivating natural spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, nutmace, ginger and clove.

Best time to See:

Winters are the ideal time to see Thekkady. The town is situated at an altitude of 700m above sea level, which provides a nice and cool climate that’s great for sightseeing. There are a number of festivals that take place throughout the winter season at Thekkady, which may provide you a chance to discover a different part of this area! There’s nothing like researching Periyar and Thekkady during the rains, if you love the monsoons!

Stops to visit:

Anakkara, Periyar National Park, Mangala Devi, Chellar Kovil, Pattumalay and Murikkady Temple are some of the best areas in Thekkady which you could visit and explore to your heart’s content. As you go to Thekkady be a part of an amazing wildlife experience and make it an unforgettable part of your trip together with our customized Kerala travel packages.


A jewel amidst a gorgeous paradise, Kovalam is filled with calm, serene beaches, art galleries, grand castles and quaint temples! Among the most visited tourist spots in Kerala, Kovalam is renowned! Kovalam is an idyllic place with quaint places for the traveller in you to unwind and introspect; a perfect reason for you to incorporate this destination on your listing of Kerala tourist places to see.

Best time to visit:

The best time to see Kovalam is during the months of November. The temperature is moderate and the atmosphere is extremely pleasant, which makes it easier for sightseeing, beach hopping and enjoying strolls around town.


Mesmerizing would be the ideal word, if we have to describe Munnar. A paradise concealed in God’s own country, Munnar is one of the best tourist places in Kerala and has amazing quaint places to go around with your significant other.

Best time to visit:

The best time to see Munnar is during the winter season (December – February) and the rainy season (June – September). You can enjoy different activities like rock climbing, rappelling and trekking in summer time. As Munnar is avoided by tourists during rains the rainy season, on the other hand, is quite quiet. You can enjoy a time and a beautiful throughout the season with your loved one! Blessed with serene beauty and stunning views, the hill station of Munnar is among the best tourist spots in Kerala for all sorts of travellers.

For your honeymoon vacation to this beautiful place, take a look at our Kerala honeymoon packages straight away. You can also check out Kerala packages for a memorable encounter with friends and your loved ones.


The seventh most populous city in Kerala, Palakkad is an ideal stopover for monuments, wildlife and Ayurveda! With a unique blend of culture and nature, Palakkad provides choices for a vacation. Called the ‘Rice Bowl of India’, Palakkad is home to beautiful old temples, artistic sculptures and paintings, all which unite together in perfect harmony to be part of a quintessential Kerala trip package!

Best time to See:

Palakkad is a district that is landlocked and the summers here are intense. Thus, the best time to see Palakkad is during the winter season between the months of November and March. However, you’ll need to plan and make arrangements well in advance as Palakkad sees a large influx of tourists during those months. With our customized Kerala travel packages, planning a visit to the ‘Rice Bowl of India’ becomes even more easy!

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