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Top Things You Should Not Miss In Kathmandu

Top Things You Should Not Miss In Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the vibrant and lively city of Nepal, with history dating back to centuries, is a gateway for any foreigner entering the country. As the plane begins to descend, you will have a pristine view of the city. After you enter into the city, you will get to observe the hustle and bustle of the locals.

Kathmandu is a historical city with numerous ancient religious heritages. You will probably find a temple or two in almost every nook and corner of the city. Probably, that’s the reason why it is called the ‘City of Temples’. It is a city that is rich in culture and as well as traditions. It has so many unique elements to it, which make it a must visit place for any traveller.  

Things you should not miss in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is such an ancient city and is so rich in culture, and several other elements, that it is impossible to sum up all its major attractions in just a mere article. However, we will look at some of the major features Kathmandu offers. These you cannot afford to miss. So let’s dive in!

UNESCO World Heritage Site Tour

Nepal has 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Kathmandu Valley alone has seven of them. Climb the stairs up to Swayambhu Stupa and you will find yourself at peace. From here, you will also get to enjoy a serene view of the city.

Pashupatinath Temple is another site which you cannot miss. It is an ancient holy temple of lord Shiva.
Pro Tip: Visit during the evening at the time of the ‘Aarati’ to experience magical moments.

Boudhanath Stupa is another magnificent place, which deserves your visit. Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar square, along with Changu Narayan Temple, are other world heritage sites located inside the valley.

Food Tour

Kathmandu is a culinary heaven for all you foodies out there. It offers wide varieties of amazing mouth-watering cuisines to choose from, which you can spend the whole day exploring. Food tour in Kathmandu could be one of the most exciting thing to do in Kathmandu. Let me suggest to you some of the must try dishes out there.

Momo: These tasty dumplings stuffed with meat, served with chutney or soup, can be found all around Kathmandu. Chilly Momo, Soup Momo, Fried Momo, Tandoori Momo, and so on are some of the varieties of momos. Out of them, Steamed Momo is the most popular and most widely available one.

Laphing: This delicious snack with Tibetan origin is slowly gaining popularity among the foodies. This summer dish is served with soy sauce gravy, and is available with or without soup. It is mostly available around Boudha area although many Laphing shops are being opened in other parts of the city.

Juju Dhau (Yogurt): This is a sweetened form of Yogurt originating from Bhaktapur.  It translates to ‘King of Yogurt”. Your visit to Bhaktapur is incomplete without a bowl of Juju Dhau. It has become customary to taste Juju Dhau every time you visit Bhaktapur. Don’t forget to try the refreshing Lassi of Indra Chowk, which is made by whisking yogurt, milk, sugar and dry fruits together!

Sekuwa: This amazing barbecue served with local chutneys brings water in your mouth just by the look of it. Good luck looking at it trying to control your temptation! Street Sekuwa of Basantapur has one of the best tastes, served with lemons, chopped onions and mint chutney.

Thakali Food: This traditional meal consists of local organic vegetable curry, lentil soup, sautéed spinach, steamed rice and pickles, with several additional ingredients. This will not only fill your stomach, but will also be a roller coaster of flavours for your tongue because of the wide variety of ingredients in the dish.

Newari Food: Newari food shop could be an oasis for foodies as it has over 20 dishes. Newari Khaja set is available in many restaurants. Some exotic dishes you must not miss are Alu Tama, Bhuttan, Chhoila, Baara, Chatamari, and so on. All these food items are not only delicious but also rich in nutrients.

Food tour in Kathmandu could be an amazing experience for food lovers out there. And guess what, all the dishes mentioned above can be bought for well under $2 to $3!

Cooking Class

You can go for cooking classes in Kathmandu which is generally 4 hours long. You will be guided by the helpful and pleasant locals during your class, and it will be a family like environment. Be ready for a friendly roast when you screw up while rolling the momo dumpling! The interesting part is, you can pay whatever amount you like for the class!

Garden of Dreams:

Garden of Dreams literally looks like a garden of dreams. Escape the madness and hustle of the city and lose yourself in this heavenly garden. You will be amazed by how this place was built in the middle of this busy city. There is also a restaurant at the edge of the garden, where you can enjoy amazing traditional and continental dishes. What more can you ask for!

Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Few years after the royal massacre, the palace was declared as a national property and got turned into a museum. You can now visit the palace and observe how the royal family used to live. You can still see some bullet holes on the wall, which got formed during the shootings!

Visit Thamel

Thamel generally comes alive during the night. Considered as the heart of Kathmandu, it is a great place to stay while you’re in Kathmandu. The streets are lively and filled with garment products, traditional thanka paintings, and many other locally crafted items. Bars, pubs, spas are all available in this place. It is also a great place for buying souvenirs. If you are going for trekking or mountaineering, this is the place to buy your gears and equipment.

Apart from the above-mentioned things to do, you can also go for many other activities in Kathmandu like ice skating, rock climbing, boulder climbing, archery, and many more. Let me assure you that your stay in Kathmandu won’t be boring, whether you are staying for a day or a couple of weeks.

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