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Top SMS Marketing Trends You Must Know

Top SMS Marketing Trends You Must Know

SMS marketing is the buzzword today and has taken the world by storm. It works for companies big and small, as people check their text messages several times a day. It is not so when it comes to emails that usually land in the recipient’s spam folder, especially the promotional ones. Did you know that the open rate of text messages is 82 percent? Now, that is a decent number. Therefore, today SMS campaign is the best way to reach out to your targeted audience and drive sales.

Then, there are trends surrounding SMS marketing. Now, trends come and go, especially fashion fads. However, when it comes to SMS campaigns, the trends stay for a good time. Therefore, if you are planning to improve your marketing efforts, and considering SMS campaigns, you must know about these trends. You need to read a lot and research on the latest SMS marketing developments to implement the right strategies.

According to an article published on, you must offer some incentives in your messages to make SMS marketing pop and drive conversions.

Today, businesses have multiple mediums to connect with their targeted audience like blogs, email campaigns, social media, and of course SMS marketing. Text-based promotions are effective because people do not change their mobile numbers frequently and therefore, it helps in staying connected with your customers for a long time. Now, let us look at some of the top trends in SMS marketing.

Helps in generating leads for your business

SMS messages are used for marketing your products or services. However, this year onwards, text-based messages will be used to generate quality leads that convert. It will boost your monthly sales. The youngsters prefer SMS communication compared to other forms of marketing. The reason being reading a text message does not take time and they open messages on their smartphone that they use all the time. Emails are not that effective because they’re hardly opened and read. Sometimes, most emails find their place in the junk folder and never read at all. It means that the success rate of SMS is much more than emails.

SMS offers values to customers through deals and discounts using simple, short text, which is easy to process and less time-consuming. Other mediums are not that effective in this regard. The marketers also send relevant messages to their audience when promoting their products or services.

The millennial generation busy with their jobs does not like to be bombarded with messages that they have no interest to read. Therefore, marketers compose simple, concise, and relevant messages to pique customer interest.

Let us explain this point with the help of an example. Your customer dines once at your restaurant. Therefore, your staff asked for the customer’s feedback and phone number. You start offering deals and discounted meals through SMS marketing. This way, a connection is developed between your business and the client. If he or she comes to dine again, they will avail the deals. This way, business text messaging is more effective than other mediums. You have a loyal customer who will visit your place for eating with his friends or family.

Pre-defined messages

Yes, you can send messages, pre-defined and triggered ones to your buyers. This trend will increase in 2019 and beyond. For instance, your customers have bought some cosmetics at a store and received a text message right away about the total bill, bill number, as well as the loyalty points he or she earned. Now, it is beneficial for you and your customers.

It is an example of a triggered text message suitable for your buyers as per their shopping. It will help in developing a direct connection with your existing and targeted audience.

Customized messages

Now come personalized messages. You might be wondering what it means. Well, let us explain. SMS text needs to focus on potential customers so that a connection or bond is developed in less time. If you think sending random texts to your targeted audience will help, you are mistaken. It will not work for your business marketing efforts. People will not pay heed to your messages if they are irrelevant and do not interest them. They will delete such messages because the content will not improve their lives or make it simple.

Therefore, from 2019 onwards, marketers are using customized or personalized messages depending on consumer likes and preferences. For instance, during the festive season, shopping deals and discount-related texts will work. You need to keep an eye on these new trends to make the most out of your SMS marketing efforts. These tactics matter a lot in driving leads and generating sales for your business. The holiday season is the best time to personalize your text messages for your targeted audience. There is no point in sending SMS that offers some generic shopping information during Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday Sale, New Year, or Christmas.

Offline marketing works

You might be thinking what about offline strategies. Today, people are busy and annoyed by numerous messages, posts, and online chats, paid ads on social media, emails, and so on. These online marketing tactics bombard people and invade their time. That is why people like offline experiences offered by SMS marketing. Moreover, text messages come with the opt-out option to ensure customers are not bothered with messages if they do not want it. Unlike app messages and notifications, SMS texts are not that annoying. They are simple and to the point.

Today, the attention span of customers is very limited and they prefer communication that is short and easy to understand. Online messages come with pop up ads and they distract the audience too much. This is not the case with SMS marketing. Your customers receive a short, succinct message to read and respond to if they are interested. The offline experience will work in 2019 and the right choice for the millennials. These little things matter a lot in SMS marketing today.


Now that you have these latest trends in front of you, make the most out of them to build your SMS marketing strategies in 2019. It will help in connecting with your audience and drive sales.

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