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How on demand Food Delivery app helps Food Ordering Platform

How on demand Food Delivery app helps Food Ordering Platform

Remember those days when people used to visit restaurants and stand in waiting until the table gets vacant? And if there is more than half an hour waiting we used to search for another nearby restaurant, right? Here, it’s a loss on both the ends. Customers have to compromise on their favorite restaurant and switched to another venue. And, restaurants are losing their turnover.

Think about now! Is it the case anymore? No.  Of course, we are not denying that there is not at all waiting period at restaurants. But, we are emphasizing on the changed scenario due to technology. Around the globe, increased adaptability of mobile applications has boosted flexibility. Now industries, as well as users, have mobility solutions for each and every industry. Further, they have had a deep and powerful impact on the daily lives of the people and have made their professional and personal lives way easier than before.

on demand food delivery app

Not only the food and beverages industry but in almost all industries mobile apps have transformed the way they connect business and customers.

The top ways on demand food delivery app help food ordering platform

Basically, a food delivery app connects foodies with restaurants. They can order food online and enjoy delicious dishes at their doorstep. It’s a win-win situation for both. Customers can enjoy the taste of their favorite restaurant without visiting the venue in rush hours. And, restaurants can also earn more without suffering the loss of revenue due to long waiting hours. How convenient!

Tasty food at fingertips

You must have heard about, and even downloaded, on demand food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Swiggy, Food Panda and Zomato. What do they do?  they help restaurant owners to reach their customers and vice-versa.

Whether a customer is working in the office or sitting at home, s/he needs not to worry at all. Since, with these online food ordering apps, food gets delivered at your doorstep without you having to compromise with work or any other important chore.

According to Statista, approximately 20% customers utilize the food delivery app once in a week and among them, nearly 50% have given positive feedback about the services. Since this on-demand food delivery system is famous among food lovers and restaurants, it has paved a new revenue source for mobile software developers, food chain tycoons, and restaurant owners.

Demand as well as competition

Since the demand for such apps is increasing, the competition is also growing. Competition among various on-demand food delivery apps as well as competition between mobile app developers is neck-to-neck. Restaurants are trying their best to deliver food in the shortest time possible using various advanced restaurant mobility features. For example, Uber Eats boasts about having the fastest delivery among all the other apps- they promise delivery in about than ten minutes. So, delivery turnaround time is one of the biggest aspects on which food delivery apps can cash on.

Convenience at its best

Why anyone will like to have on-demand food delivery app on their mobile? Just to get convenience to their needs. Lifestyles are pretty fast and people have got busier than ever. Time is a crucial element. So any technology, any invent that saves time can rock. The most notable advantage of on demand food delivery app is the effortlessness that it promotes and the convenience that it provides to the people. No need to wait in long queues for food delivery. Also, restaurants don’t need to suffer due to dry weekdays. It’s now a matter of few clicks to get whatever we want. Hence, we can surely say that with the emergence of on-demand food delivery apps, the food delivery platform, especially restaurants, has undergone a drastic change.

More focus on personalized services

A perfect mobile app development company knows how to develop an app that focuses on personalized services. Only and only if you provide unique features, people will prefer your app over others.  It’s always great to have unique and exclusive features in your dream app; but, definitely not at the cost of hustles in interaction and communication. UI/UX is very much important and they have to be taken care of.

GPS based tracking

Let’s assume you have ordered your favorite dish and next what? You will surely like to know by when it will reach you. The users of food delivery apps want to remain updated about the location of their order at all times. As an on demand food delivery app owner, ensure that your personalized app gives them the capability to track their order throughout the entire process. The first step is ordering the food. Then comes preparing the food and dispatching it. The users should be kept updated about the estimated time of the arrival of their order as it boosts loyalty and also promotes customer satisfaction.

Faster brand promotion than WOM or any other advertisements

Mobile apps have social media integration and hence users find it utmost easy to share it in their networks. Online reviews, ratings, and feedback also help customers to judge the quality of service and food. Further, user-friendliness in sign-up can increase the number of app users which again boosts promotion of app.  

If we talk about restaurant owners, they should not focus on a larger audience in the initial phase of their app launch. Rather,  targeting a small group may be the local audience, taking their feedbacks and gathering their reviews on social media will help them improve overall at a time.


It’s a common perception among users that on demand food delivery app like Postmates,, Uber Eats, etc are worth time and money. The reason is these apps have opened a whole new world of opportunities for both the customers and the entrepreneurs. The more personal the experience is, the more people will get attracted to your food app and customer service and satisfaction will increase manifold times.

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Sonal Mehta is a Content Lead at SoluLab, a leading Enterprise Blockchain, Mobile and Web development company, started by ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs and ex-principal software architect of Citrix. SoluLab Inc provides full spectrum, 3360-degree services to enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs helping turn their dreams into awesome software products..

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