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Top Mobile App Ideas For Your Business – Your Way To Success

Top Mobile App Ideas For Your Business – Your Way To Success

Fierce competition is prevalent in every industry sector globally. It makes highly challenging for startups or small companies to survive and thrive amid such intense competition. There, the thriving mobile platform shows a ray of hope. 

Statista has predicted that around 258 billion mobile apps will be downloaded worldwide by 2022. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that all sizes of businesses ranging from startups to large organizations can leverage the benefits of a robust mobile platform to grow. Here we give the top ten innovative mobile app ideas to ensure the success of your business.

Top Ten Mobile App Ideas for Startups and Small Enterprises

1. Grocery Apps-

BigOven, Grocery Pal, and Flipp are some of the popular names in the online grocery business. You can add some USP (Unique Selling Point) to stand ahead of the curve and your app can be the next BigOven or Grocery Pal! Here are some USPs you can consider-

  • Cashback or reward point on every purchase
  • No minimum order limit
  • No charges on cancellation
  • In-built price comparison

2. Medical or Healthcare Apps-

The healthcare sector offers a lot of opportunities. The healthcare app enables you to explore and grab these opportunities while meeting the needs of physicians and patients effectively. In recent years, the healthcare sector has grown at a tremendous pace. You can come up with an app either to deliver medicines to sick people or facilitate the users to store their health data. 

           Some of the popular medical apps are MedPlus Mart, Patient, Hidoc Dr. and the like.

           Useful features to be added in Medical App

  • List of nearby pharmacies
  • User’s medical history and summary
  • List of medical terms with meanings
  • List of doctors as per their specialty

3. AR Apps and Games-

iOS app development uses ARKit and Android app developers use ARCore to build the futuristic AR (Augmented Reality) apps and games. AR apps are highly interactive and provide an immersive experience in the real world. Think of Pokemon Go. This gaming app has defined success thanks to Augmented Reality technology. Mall navigation app, makeup trial app, and Google Sky Map are some of the top examples of AR apps.  

4. Food Delivery Apps-

On-demand app development is thriving with the growing trend of booking services online. Various industry sectors have implemented the on-demand delivery app model and the food industry is no exception. UberEats, Postmates, and GrubHub are some of the highly popular food delivery apps that have made huge strides in the market. You can also come up with a food delivery app to save the user’s time and effort while enhancing their convenience. 

            The food delivery app also enables you to manage your restaurant or takeaway shop.

5. Shopping App-

The ever-increasing eCommerce industry has strengthened the position of mobile shopping apps. Amazon, eBay, and Dosh are some of the top eCommerce brands that have made a huge profit with the help of a dedicated eCommerce app. Here we give some for the mobile app ideas to make the most of the growing eCommerce industry. 

  • Brand Shopping app to meet the requirements of people who love to buy things from branded shops only
  • Budget Shopping app can give the information about deals and offers to the app users
  • Pet Shopping app includes pet food and other necessary items for pet 
  • Collective Shopping app that can help users buy products in bulk

6. Navigation Apps-

Location-based apps with a built-in navigation feature can be highly profitable. You can make maps and navigation apps for various sectors like parking business, live vehicle reporting, and speed monitoring. For example, you can make an app for parking lot owners. If you own parking spaces, the app can be useful for you. Such an app can send information about the vacant parking space to the app users. The real-time status of parking availability can add value to your business.

7. Gesture Apps-

These apps are activated by the user’s voice. We live in the age of Siri and Google Assistant. In this time, we are more used to get the job done through voice commands. Such apps are run through the voice command and save a lot of time for users. These apps are particularly useful when the user is driving. You can also integrate your gesture app with other apps.

8. Social App-

It acts as a single platform for all social media channels. It is the best tool for networking. The single-point app enables the user to connect with their contacts across all platforms with ease. It is a boon for startups especially when they want to stay in touch with existing and prospective customers on a 24/7 basis. 

9. Planner or To-Do App-

The hectic schedule leads an individual toward stress. For all of us, it is quite a task to remember and manage our daily tasks on time. At times, we forget a few of our important tasks or activities and face problems. There, a productivity or planner app comes into the picture. It can help users organize their tasks and get reminders on-time. The planner or to-do app can also assist users to get rid of forgetting activities as a personal organizer. Planner Pro and are some of the examples.

10. Mobile Banking Apps-

CapitalOne, CHASE, and Ally are some of the noteworthy mobile banking apps. You can readily integrate mobile wallet and payment gateways into the mobile banking apps. Such apps enable users to transact safely. Convenience, speed, and security are some of the important characteristics of mobile banking apps. You can initially come up with a mobile wallet as a startup. 

Other profitable mobile app ideas include meditation app, deals and discounts app, food management app, travel app, cooking guide app, and cab-hailing app. You can hire app developers from a reputed mobile app development company. Once you develop the app, you need to pay attention to its marketing to ensure its success. 

Mobile app ideas can transform your business digitally and boost its competitiveness in today’s technology-driven era. Read on to know mobile app ideas that can ensure the success of your enterprise irrespective of its size, scale, and business model.

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