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Top 8 features of KOMATSU – HB205-1

Top 8 features of KOMATSU – HB205-1

The future of construction apparatus starts with HB205-1.  It introduces a new generation of hydraulic excavator. Its focus is on both: environmental concerns and practical performance. It also offers you an opportunity to reduce carbon footprints and save fuel. If you are looking to buy mini excavator then you can buy KOMATSU – HB205-1 from Japan at cost effective price with its original equipments.

Features of KOMATSU – HB205-1:

Here we will discuss the features of HB205-1 excavator with benefits to buy KOMATSU – HB205-1 from Japan.

  1. Selectable work mode:   There are two types of work mode one is P mode and another is E mode, depends on your priority. P mode – production priority, it improves fuel consumption while maintaining highest production.  E mode – economy or fuel priority mode, it reduces fuel consumption but supports the P mode-like work equipment velocity for light function effort.
  2. Machine work report:  It supports energy saving operations. This report includes definite operating hours, hydraulic booth hours etc of the machine, which are removed from the KOMTRAX details. Consumers can obtain the report and use it for power saving acts.
  3. Large bi-lingual LCD monitor:  IT displays data in 12 languages to support operators all over the world. It has improved screen visibility due to TFT liquid crystal display & easy to read at various angles and lighting. The bar chart is also displayed on the screen which shows the average fuel consumption in past 5 minutes. Operator can also switch the screen to past average fuel consumption log screen up to last one month.
  4. Large sidewise, rear and side view mirrors: Distended rear & side mirror and enlarged let side mirrors allows the KOMATSU – HB205-1 to meet the visibility requirements.
  5. Comfortable Cab for compact Operator tiredness: Wide cab offers full leg room, allowing an operator with large body frame to take proper equipped posture. Operators’ seat can be adjusted to fully flat position with attached headrest. Cab restraint set up to reduce vibration at operator’s seat.
  6. The hybrid system:  Unique hybrid system, swing generator regenerates energy as the higher constitution slows down and converts it into electric energy. The hybrid system reduces fuel utilization.
  7. Ultra capacitor assembly: It includes an inverter that turns the AC electricity from generator and swing motor into DC electricity for storage in the battery. As the capacitor needs movement of electron & ions for charging and discharging.
  8. Flexibility in warranty:   It offers a range of increased warranty option on the machine and its parts.  When you buy equipments from Japan, you get access to a wide range of services that help you to get the most from your savings. Flexible warranty is intended to decrease total operating costs.

So, this excavator can fulfill all your needs at affordable price. It will be one of the best excavators to buy for your particular job location. You can easily export it from Japan with Estec.

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