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Top 10 Favorite Facebook Advertising Features you need to know!

Top 10 Favorite Facebook Advertising Features you need to know!

Facebook has offered businesses and individuals one of the quickest, fastest, and influential route to connect with the audience on its widely popular social site. 

Getting on to the platform is easy, but the ever-changing Facebook algorithm makes it difficult to bridge the connection gap organically. Yet, Facebook’s micro-targeting or advertising features allow brands to stay connected with their audience. 

We all know it, and most of us have seen Facebook ads on our profiles. The social media giant has made it relatively easy for brands to recognize their audience, generate leads, and drive conversions through alluring ads. 

Facebook offers ready-to-launch ad campaigns for every need and targeting option compared to other social media platforms. 

Compared to Instagram, Facebook has a broad range of ad formats, campaign types, and targeting options. Here are the top 10 favorite Facebook advertising features.  

Carousel Ads: A combination of engaging content and visuals. Carousel Ads allow showing images or videos (limited to 10) in the same ad unit. Plus, individual image or video has the provision to add a link to a different page of a website. Carousel Ad is good for promoting products, services, or offers. This ad feature has proved to increase conversions and click-through rates.

Engagement Ads: The success of any ad depends on the amount of engagement it generates. Engagement Ads help in making a Facebook page popular with the audience. Facebook will deliver engagement ads to people who will engage with the business by liking, commenting, and sharing the page of the post. 

Lead Ads: Facebook Lead Ads is a low-cost yet effective tool to connect with the audience. People do not have to visit a landing page of a website. With Lead Ads, brands can get people to sign-up for newsletters, offer deals, schedule appointments, etc. 

Video Ads: Most Facebook users love to watch a video than a single or series of images. Video Ad is an excellent and economical ad feature on Facebook. It helps in catching customer attention faster. Video ads are effective in brand awareness and high engagement. Do not go overboard. Keep the duration of the video ad under 2 minutes.

Facebook Pixel: Facebook Pixel helps in tracking the performance of Facebook ads. By adding code to a specific webpage, Facebook Pixel tracks the visitors’ actions such as – adding items to the cart, content viewing, placing an order, signing up for newsletters, etc. Pixel helps in measuring conversions, optimize the ads, and obtain information about Facebook users visiting the website.

Behavioral Targeting: This feature allows businesses to reach people based on purchase history, intent, the device used, preferences, and other characteristics. With the help of third-party partners, Facebook derives online and offline behaviors of its users. 

Interest Targeting: The Facebook universe is brimming with people of various interests. And they all share the platform for engaging with a business, make purchases, interact, and more. Interest-based targeting is useful in driving potential customers to the website where they can buy products or services. 

Demographic Targeting: This ad feature is a precise way to target people based on their location, gender, age, political views, job designation, or life events such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, etc. It also includes financial targeting, which displays ads to a specific group of people.

Website Conversion Campaign: The primary goal of this feature is to get the audience to perform a specific ‘action’ on the site after viewing the ad. Here ‘action’ can mean, driving people to the website, adding a product to the shopping cart, or a visitor completing an order.

Facebook Remarketing: This feature is like revisiting the audience who have interacted or checked the business in one or more ways after the ads have run successfully.  Facebook, in turn, tags these people through cookies. The remarketing ads will appear on the timelines of the targeted audience. 

To conclude, with the right campaign based on a well-planned marketing strategy, well-defined target audience, combined with the above features, businesses can excel in their Facebook Marketing. 

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