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World’s Top Export Textile Countries

World’s Top Export Textile Countries

It is true that not every country is proficient in handling exports. With changing buyers’ demands and revolutions in the global trade, the majority of the countries are struggling to make their name prominent in the top export list. 

Foreign B2B marketplace has established an online community where exporters from all around the world are encouraged to sell and make money. But every exporter loses some points in the game, which makes them stand behind the winner. 

The export textile industry has also become part of the same competition. The global industry is making every single effort to ensure competitiveness, gaining market share, and embrace diversification. 

We have listed down top export textile countries from where you can purchase textile products and apparel without any hassle.

Top Export Textile Countries to Buy From 


Chinese textile manufacturing industry has received a title for being the top industry in the world. It has successfully penetrated in the global market by focusing on low-cost production, genuine quality raw products, high-tech machines, reliable structural plan, and satisfying the buyers’ at every level. 

It’s six most common textile industries are printing and dyeing, linen, cotton, chemical fiber, wool, etc. 


Germany comes on the second number for producing finest quality textile products that are highly used for repurchase purposes. 

With its innovative and flexible approach to stand firm in the competition, the export textile industry is continuously transforming the structure plan to become a market leader in the coming years.

Its most popular textile manufacturing products are knitted apparel cloth, synthetic yarn, humanmade fiber, and textile machinery. 


Just like China and Germany, Bangladesh also emerged as a high-production textile industry in the world. Its textile industry is in the spotlight because of low-cost yet skilled labor and high-end textile resources. 

Bangladesh’s export textile industry has successfully penetrated in the global market, which ensures transparency and coordination to the clients concerning effective logistics. 

The industry expects to proliferate in the near future, and that calls for more opportunities to the economy. 


The USA is never behind the success in any niche. Concerning export textile industry, the nation has again marked an achievement for selling top textile manufacturing products to the global market. 

The globally competitive textile industry is looking forward to more opportunities, and that will make it stand unique among the ordinaries. 

Its most common export textile commodities are non-woven products, medical textiles, protective apparel, and industrial fabrics. 

Hong Kong 

If you are searching for printed and dyed fabric, then Hong Kong export textile industry is a go-to place. The manufacturers are skilled in providing excellent textile products that exclusively match the buyers’ demands. 

The most popular textile products famous in the domestic and international markets are fine-gauge cotton knitting, knit-to shape panel knitting, cotton spinning, and denim weaving. 


The textile industry is not limited to simple knitting or manufacturing apparel. It has a range of products that are exported to other countries as per the buyers’ demands. The above top-rated countries are not only domestically performing better, but they have win hearts in the international market as well. 

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