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Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

Top Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

The continuous advancements in digital marketing trends will surely never cease. The marketing landscape is vast and it has given marketers countless options to test out unique marketing techniques. Some of these techniques were related to content marketing while some took innovative technologies such as augmented reality to the next level. 

In order to outweigh the competition, digital marketers and strategists have relied on every sort of digital media. From video animation services to enhance user engagement to social media postings, the options have been endless. 

However, these trends do not remain stagnant and continue to evolve over the years. Here are some of the prominent digital marketing trends that will take care over the digital realm in 2019. 

Chatbots are the new norm

It is certainly a probability that in 2020, 85% of the customer service questions will be done through chat bots. That is not a trivial advancement as the use of chat bots is going to bring a 360-degree shift to the notion of interaction and association between businesses and clients. This trend in digital marketing sounds elusive for now but within no time, it is expected to become a norm.

Whether your concern is regarding the order you just placed on Amazon or you are looking to order a pizza at your place, the role of chat bots will be prevailing in every such routine task of yours. Over 89% of consumers globally have clarified that they would prefer to chat with chat bots so you can now realize how essential these customer service bots will be for your brand in the near future. 

Video content and ads still prevail

The notion of video marketing has been around for quite a few years. Brands have resorted to video animation services for a while since it is expected that 85% of the internet traffic will exceed through video content. Social media sites are the core platforms that hold all sorts of video related content. For that reason, there has also been a significant upsurge in video ads on social media. On Instagram alone, video ads were able to score 66% user impressions therefore; it is highly likely for video ads to take over the other existing domains of social media too. 

If you happen to be eager to formulate your next digital marketing strategy, it would not be a smart idea to leave out video marketing from it. If you believe you do not have the means for the creation video content, you can always stick to influencer marketing or running ads on social media. 

Grow your business with live video

It has been calculated that 80% of online viewers prefer live videos instead of blog posts. This percentage depicts how the streaming services of today can be used for marketing purposes. While influencers and celebrities have already begun to resort to these streaming services, brands should also grasp the importance of live video for capturing audience attention. 

Since 70% of marketers have put their utmost confidence in video content for producing conversions, you should not hesitate to utilize this digital marketing tactic or there will be a high possibility for your brand to fall behind the competition. 

Influencer marketing is making an impact

Social media has been completely taken over by influencers and brands can take advantage of this fact easily. Influencer marketing might not be an entirely new trend but it still has not lost its charm. The only change in the latest influencer marketing techniques is that brands are focusing on building strong associations with the influencers instead of using them for blatant promotions. 

One cannot rely on paid marketing forever therefore; brands have made organic marketing their core focus. By building long-term relationships with the influencers, brands will be able to expand their outreach and grow as a renowned brand simultaneously. 

If your intention is to expand your brand’s outreach on a local level then you can connect to micro-influencers. With the focus on a niche audience, such influencers will get your message across with lower costs. 

Mobile marketing will dominate 

Mobile marketing trends are several and every brand of today has utilized these trends at some point. The trend of mobile marketing might never fade away since according to Statista; there will be an approximate of five billion mobile users in 2019. This number alone can tell you why the importance of mobile marketing is so apparent. 

Social media is also a major source for the formation of mobile marketing campaigns since 80% of social media time comes from smartphones. Both the advent of the internet and mobile devices is the reason why mobile marketing can be a lucrative advertising strategy for brands of every scale and type. 


Some digital marketing trends stick for years while some fade or remain as seasonal fads but the aforementioned trends are expected to take over 2019. These predictions might change rapidly but if your aim is to stand out from the rest with a unique digital persona, your utmost decision should be to focus on these marketing trends. 

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