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10 Careers for Creative Minds in 2020

10 Careers for Creative Minds in 2020

The workforce has definitely changed over the past 20 years. Finding that perfect niche for a career is not as black and white as it once was. However, there are still plenty of fields to explore while keeping your zest for creativity. In fact, this could be a great time for realizing just how many creative careers there are.

Project Management

Project management can cover many types of businesses. From a natural disaster to a new software system, the steps are the same. The area that is chosen to pursue is a personal one. Specific steps are the key to coming to a common conclusion. These include initiating, planning, executing, controlling and concluding. If you are research-orientated, people-friendly and a problem solver, this could be a good career.

Website Developers

What makes a website developer unique in their job? They can deliver what very few developers can because of their creativity. There are many steps to being a website developer. You have to be able to see what your client wants from discussing their needs and ideas for a design. Writing code, working with graphic designers and monitoring website traffic are all part of the job in developing a website for a customer.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers have grown in need for new business logos, website graphics, pamphlets and more. You have to be creative and intuitive in your client’s desire to portray a great picture of their company. Not everyone is capable of performing this skill, but many creative-minded individuals are challenged with the job.

UX Designer

UX (User Experience) refers to all interactions of a user to a product or service. Emotions, physical benefits, and what can be accomplished are a few of the questions that have to be answered by a UX Designer. A simple explanation is that UX is how a customer perceives a new product and why they need it. This can be a fun adventure for the creative mind in testing a person’s perception of new ideas and services.

UI Designer

UI (User Interface) refers to drafting a software program, website or app that reduces the torture of getting a user to read easily. We have all seen those websites that are just a maze of confusion. UI Designer has the ability to know what a person is looking for without having a painful experience. 

3D Animator

A 3D animator is not a career that is often discussed but can really get your creative juices flowing. Being skilled in storytelling, graphic art and acting can take you far in the world of animation. Being able to take movement and emotion to the stage are qualities that are rare these days. 

Interactive Art Director

An interactive art director does not have to be an artist, but a graphic arts background is a plus. Online design and concept development are also important in creating a custom brand or other design project and then marketing the results through a proper presentation.


Fundraisers may not sound like a professional creative position, but it takes a lot of planning, researching and implementing to bring satisfaction to a good cause. You must be creative in finding different ways to present a cause, planning and hosting extravagant parties and building a relationship with philanthropists.

Sound Engineering Technician

What would a movie be without sound? Or a concert without the proper pitch and tone? Sound engineering technicians have a special ability to recognize qualities of frequency and to synchronize sounds. With the increasing roles of outdoor agendas and indoor sound acoustics, this is a field where creativity is necessary for maintaining the right sound in the right situation.

High School Teacher

Taking on the career of a high school teacher can be challenging and rewarding. Getting creative in ways that will hold the attention of young minds is a feat that few are able to succeed. You have to be great at presentation, research for interesting facts and get excited at the challenge of others comprehending and learning.

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