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What are the Top Apps For Internal Business Communication

What are the Top Apps For Internal Business Communication

Maintaining a healthy internal communication is highly essential to ensure smooth teamwork and a favorable workplace environment. So while you are making your team, be sure that the resources which are picked up should be in accordance with the rest of the members. Once you can achieve that, everything will fall into place. And when things get settled, you can get started smoothly with the desired communication procedure.

This post will discuss about few of the top applications that can enable in making internal communication smooth and convenient.

If you want to know more about the services required to create apps for this purpose, it is advisable to approach an established mobile application development company.

From the description given below you can have an idea about the popular applications to be used for making free and fair communication pertaining to your business.


This is one of the popular applications to be used for real time chatting for maintaining a smooth flow of communication. In order to access it, either you have to create a team or even you can join an existing one. To engage in group conversations on various topics, you can use channels which can even be customised. This apart you can also use  private messages to get involved in one to one communication. You can create your own private channels with selective employees.


Internal company blog serves as an amazing tool and a splendid platform to archive expertise and company knowledge. Solutions provided by BlogIn are out of the box and easy to use. With this resource employees of your organization knowledge, ideas, news, ask questions, pitch suggestions and can also gain interactive feedbacks. The main purpose of this tool is to keep the members of the team updated by obtaining the knowledge and appropriate information in an organized and secured manner.


This is a popular project management tool used to keep track and remember tasks  along with viewing previous actions done by the team. After getting started with the app, you can make different boards with cards which will have tasks. Now the tasks contained can be assigned to the members of the team. Here you can move tasks freely from card to card depending upon your requirements. Thus Trello can help you in providing a big picture and you can be well prepared regarding how much has been done and what needs to be done. The tasks are supported with additional features like check boxes, file upload, labels comments etc so that you can keep a track of your project and can also have discussion with your team members.


This communication tool is web based and it enables group chats which are password protected. Any vendor, colleague, client can be invited by an employee to join chat. Apart from this, Campfire also has options for text, file and code sharing. Here creating account is very easy and does not consume too much time.


This application has been mainly created for start-ups and small enterprises. Although similar to Slack, it differs in its abilities to create plans. It facilitates in executing projects smoothly by encouraging employees to share files, calendars and make group video calls.


This application creates an excellent environment for ensuring transparent communication within an organization and can be used for both mobile and desktops. Using this tool employees can make quick video conferencing, HD video calls and can also schedule meetings. Using the Fuze Analytics tool you can effectively analyze data and enterprise processes. This app can also be integrated with Lync, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and some other applications.


This application has been developed for the purpose of collaboration and communication. It helps in taking note of everyday’s duties of the employees in chats, to do lists, calendar, notes etc. In other words it mainly aims in eliminating work inefficiencies. It has also got in-built video calling functionality which is its USP. So while you are on the go, this app is very useful to remain in touch with your clients and co-workers.


This application has been exclusively designed for creating teams and smooth execution of project management activities. It clearly mentions who will be executing tasks, what is the deadline and the nature and scope of the tasks. There is a chat room and it offers file sharing options, charts, reports, text documents and HD video calling. You can also combine project tasks and chats to ensure quality communication and updated information.


This post deals with chatting applications and their functionalities that can be used for smooth flow of internal communication. Using these apps you engage your employees in achieving the desired aims and objectives of your company conveniently. A reputed mobile app development company can be consulted if you are looking for personalised apps for your business growth and development.

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