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Top 6 Travel Influencers across the globe

Top 6 Travel Influencers across the globe

Travel influencers are people with enough knowledge to ascertain if those Flights to Baltimore is actually the best for you. They regularly travel to various places and tell you the complete truth about the places they have been to. You are sure of getting unbiased reviews about those places. You should consider the view of these top 6 travel influencers across the globe before picking your next travel destination.

Murad and Nataly Osmann

This definitely one couple you should allow to influence your travel destination choices, as they know what they are doing. He is the brain behind the #followmeto. You can easily identify his content from the image of a woman pulling towards his next destination. You can trace his rise to prominence to 2011 when one of his pictures shook social media. He is still uncovering a number of hidden treasures in the process.

Chris Burkard

This is someone who has done an album art for Justin Bieber, partaken in exhibits, won awards, published books and I currently a freelance photographer for American Airlines, Apple Inc, Volcom, etc. he is currently a traveler and a senior staff at surfer magazine. With his photography and travel skills, it is no surprise that he is one of the top travel influencers.

Jennifer Tuffen

It is not everyone who sees an international upbringing as fun. Most people see the act of traveling constantly as stress. This is not the case of Jennifer Tuffen. She discovered her passion for travel and photography at a very young age. She even created two photo-editing apps of her own. She continues to travel the world and bring to life beautiful places through her photos.

Louis Cole

Dubbed the ultimate adventurer, this is someone who decided to turn every day of his life into an adventure. His Instagram page and YouTube does enough justice to his journeys. He is the founder of “Live the Adventure” community. This community allows travel enthusiast and influencers to share their experiences on a blog and on Instagram. Since joining YouTube, he has amassed over 300 million views. 

The Bucket List Family

So far, we have mentioned a number of couples who love to travel. However, I cannot remember talking about a family that travel together. I do not mean an occasional travel where they travel when they have the opportunity to do so. I am talking a family that travels as an occupation and lifestyle. Garrett and Jessica adventure to travel the world six months have expanded into something very big. This family of five literally sold all their belongings to enable them travel the world. Word has it that they just bought a house in Hawaii; I doubt that signifies the end of their traveling adventures.

Tara Whiteman

Traveling is not always about getting an adventure. You can as well travel to enjoy certain luxuries. Traveling for relaxation is actually an adventure of its own. If you are one of those travelers that see the relaxing aspect of travel, then Tara Whiteman is the right influencer for you. Haven worked as a social media manager for a fashion label and partnering with brands like Chloe, it is no surprise that her Instagram page is all about luxury photos.

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