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Top 6 Most Famous Android Video Games

Top 6 Most Famous Android Video Games

  1. Hearthstone
  2. GTA 5
  3. Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls
  4. Extreme Football
  5. Tappen
  6. Modern Ops


Hearthstone is an online collectible card game in which you will confront companions and outsiders with cards and characters motivated by Warcraft. Keep in mind Magic: The Gathering and Duel of Champions? All things considered, Hearthstone takes these ideas and makes them even progressively available with streamlined principles and controls. While it is basically a multiplayer game, it is additionally amusing to play alone gratitude to its full battle and astounding instructional tutorial.

GTA: Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA is the series of well-known and agreeable portions that let us become the genuine crook. Begun years back, this superb generation has a great deal of unbelievably retaining highlights and components that will without a doubt bid to the flavor of every other person. That is the reason it involved time before the makers from Rockstar Games studio arranged a versatile form of their most recent achievement, to be specific GTA 5 Mobile.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

Vampires are constantly a perpetual point, and no one can abuse everything. Also, you need to encounter a quality game identified with Vampires with a convincing storyline and components that make you determinedly respect, perhaps the amazing Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls will be the name that you ought to consider. It has enough components to end up effective: Released by game publisher, top to bottom storyline, Image destined to be steady.

Extreme Football

Extreme Football is a road soccer match where two groups of three players each face each other in heart-halting three-minute rounds. The group that can score more objectives when the chronometer arrives at zero will be delegated triumphant.

Controls in Extreme Football are splendidly adjusted to touchscreens. The virtual development stick is situated to one side and the main catch that can enable you to control the ball is situated to one side. In the event that you keep tapping on that catch, your character runs significantly more. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you rapidly tap on the catch, you can stop the catch. Likewise, in the event that you tap and slide towards one bearing, you will discharge and shoot. You can essentially do anything with that catch.


Teppen is another focused game that originates from GungHo Online Entertainment and Capcom. This new release stars the universally adored Capcom characters where over-the top moves are effectively the feature of each fight. Not at all like the many turn based games out there.

The center idea of Teppen is simple enough to get on the off chance that you are at all acquainted with portable games or Clash Royale, however it would have been pleasant to see an instructional exercise for those new to this kind of arrangement.

Modern Ops

Modern Ops is a multiplayer which is inspired by Counter Strike in which two groups (terroists and anti-terrorists) face each other inside medium-size settings. Your target in each setting is consistently the equivalent: get a higher score than the foe and dispose of the same number of adversaries as you can.

Controls in Modern Ops are truly all around adjusted to touchscreens: the virtual development stick is situated on the left half of the screen and the sight is situated to one side. You’ll additionally discover the catches you can use to change your weapon, reload, duck or hop on the correct side of the screen. Remember that your character will shoot naturally at whatever point there’s a foe inside range.

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