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Top 6 Best Cloud-Based Email Backup Services 2019

Top 6 Best Cloud-Based Email Backup Services 2019

Though the first-ever email was sent in 1971, it is still one of the most prominent means of communication for business organizations. Even though in this day and age more advanced and quicker, and comprehensive means of communications have been developed like skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facetime, etc, email is still the most reliable medium for business organizations. Even governments use email as their official means of communication.

But, what if you lost access to your email server for some reason? Let’s say your email server goes down or get hacked by a hacker. What do you do in that situation? What happens to the emails people are sending you while your server is down? You need to have a plan B in place.

Yes, you need to have an email backup service which receives and stores your emails while your email server is inaccessible. Luckily there are several cloud services that also offer email backup service.

Today we have gathered for you some of the best email backup services that will safeguard your email in case of outages.


Dropmyemail is a user-friendly email backup solution that has been designed specifically for personal and (small and medium) business emails. This email backup service has been highly regarded by many and includes a number of useful features.

Dropmyemail makes your email backing up process simple and easy for you with automated backup. The service promises to backup your emails in 2 simple steps on their cloud platform.

The system allows you to easily download and restore your emails to your personal computer with just one click.

In case your primary email provider is down, you can still view your email on Dropmyemail. It provides you with a straightforward web interface which allows you to view your emails.

Service not only backup your emails but also allows you to backup and share files. You can do so using a builtin file manager.

Barracuda Essentials is a big name in data and network security. They also offer a full-fledged email backup and security solution. Barracuda Essentials protects your email against cybersecurity threats and data leaks.

Barracuda Essentials uses Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (BATP) to protect your email system from threats related to cybersecurity such as phishing, ransomware, malware, and spam.

While Barracuda’s Advanced Threat protection keeps you protected against ransomware, data theft, etc, human errors are bound to happen. If due to some reason you lose your email data, don’t worry, Barracuda Essentials has a pretty robust cloud backup and point in time delivery for your email.

The continuity feature makes sure that you keep receiving your emails in case of server interruptions and downtimes. It works with Office365, Microsoft Exchange, and other SMTP mail servers.


Backupify is not primarily just an email backup service but it backs up your whole Office365 and Google G Suite account. Yes, it promises to not only ‘backup and protect’ your emails but also your cloud data.

The setup process is effortless and takes just 5 minutes. Once you have set the backup, Backupify will create automatic backups 3 times a day. The service also offers new user detection capability and automatic archiving of departing employees.

The service has been trusted by more than 3.5 million users around the globe. The service offers easy to use backup and restore process. You can literally get started with your backup in just 5 minutes.

In addition to working with Google Apps and Office 365, Backupify also backs up your Salesforce data which is a big advantage over the other services if you also use Salesforce. Backufiy seamlessly backs up all your Salesforce data.

Mimecast Email Backup

Mimecast offers a lot of products and solutions including a cloud backup solution. Their cloud-based backup solution also includes an exceptional email backup along with email security and email continuity solutions.

The email backup solution is highly scalable offering automated tools for administrators with quick data access for the employees. The employees can access email with a seven-second search SLA.

Thanks to strict encryption your emails are securely stored at three different locations at various data centers across the globe. Since Mimecast email management technology also includes email security and email continuity, your email is secured against any kind of threats and can be accessed without any interruption in case of outages.

Mimecast email backup is highly scalable since the pricing is based on the number of employees and not the volume of your emails.


CloudAlly is an exceptional cloud backup solution that covers a wide range of products including G Suite, Office365,, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Amazon AWS. It allows data to be exported and stored locally at your computer or restored to your Google account.

CloudAlly also supports data migration between different Gmail accounts. You can activate backups for all the selected users within your organization. It can also automatically detect and activate backups for new users to make sure that all their data is backed up from day 1.

While the scope of this cloud data backup application is very large, the setup process is fairly easy. CloudAlly also makes it easy to manually add, delete and manage your users and their data preferences.

DuoCircle Email Backup MX

Backup Mx is essentially an SMTP Server that accepts email for your domain if your primary mail server fails or goes offline. Having a correctly configured Backup MX service is crucial to any disaster recovery plan. has a pretty competent backup MX solution which automatically backups your email retrieve and store incoming email while your mail server is offline. Duocircle Backup MX stores an unlimited number of emails including any attachment in its queue for up to 30 days.

Once your primary mail server is back online, all the emails in the queue are delivered to your primary mail server.

The Backup MX service works with both On-Premises mail server such as Microsoft Exchange as well as on hosted email service such as Office 365. Backup MX creates an encrypted tunnel for your mail so all your messages can be delivered securely.

Another plus point of Duo circle Email Backup MX is that there are no caps. It can store an unlimited number of emails for an unlimited number of users.


This concludes our list of the top 6 best email backup solutions of 2019. All of these 6 are reliable and trustworthy solutions. Check out these and choose the one that fit your needs. Have a good day!

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