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Top 5 Tablets You Can Use to Make Your Business Run More Efficiently

Top 5 Tablets You Can Use to Make Your Business Run More Efficiently

Tablets have undergone a huge transformation ever since their introduction to the world. Starting out from an interesting new device you could replace your Gameboy with, it has become a key business tool in today’s world. The average tablet nowadays has powerful processors, built in stores for new apps and better keyboard support for your documents.

Businesses like best seo service in Pakistan are run by technology. The need for portable tech has become so common that PCs and desktops are no longer functional. While laptops are still in use, they cannot perform with the speed and efficiency of a tablet. For a tablet to make your business run smoothly it has to be the right one, depending on the amount of work your employees do, the size and model you like and the budget you have kept aside.

Choosing the Right Tablet

Tablet shopping can be stressful since there are so many flashy products available on the market. Although Apple and Microsoft do have their strong monopolies on the market, they are not the only companies that make good tablets for business use. There needs to be extensive research and thought put into the kind of tablet your business needs regarding the use of the device, money and syncing. The following are some great tablets you can choose from for your business. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab s4

This is part of Samsung’s series of business tablets that are changing the Android game. The tablet is sleek like a Galaxy Note and comes with a high power processor as well as a stylus. There is an optional keyboard you can use to create documents and reply to emails easily. It supports a Snapdragon 835 chipset with a huge 7,300mAh battery so long hours of use are not an issue. 

The Tab 4 is known for its multitasking functionally due to having 4GB RAM support, not adding the already existing 256 GB storage for any other expandable data you may have. Since it is using one of the most powerful mobile operating systems in the world it will run smoothly and longer to make sure you do your job well. Besides this, it comes in an elegant packaging that starts at a price point of $650. 

iPad Pro 12.9

Apple’s Pro series has been renowned worldwide. Competing with the iPad is a touch job, especially with the introduction of the Pro 12.9 inches, the latest installment in the series. With the largest screen resolution in Apple history, this is the perfect tablet for corporate and business affairs. The device has a strong processor and works better than most laptops and desktops. It can attach a smart keyboard with an Apple pencil for further ease of use.  

If your business has a range of work that can be quite heavy at times then this is a beneficial choice for you. It can be accessorized with what is available in the store to increase its capabilities. With high processing power and great specs, the starting price for the Pro 12.9 is around $800. This is quite expensive but companies opt to rent the tablet for short periods of time. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro 6 is popular for being fast in its function and long lasting. Tit came out in late 2018 as an upgrade to the line of the previous models of the tablet. It is the perfect business tablet due to its durability, refined design, high quality and sleekness. It is faster than its predecessors, making it one of the best options out there in the market. The battery is long lasting and the storage can host a number of mobile applications that can help your business run smoothly. 

The tablet has a few things lacking, such as the option of an attachable keyboard for a laptop type feel. It also does not come with an easy to use stylus for writing documents and emails. But considering the reasonable price point, it is a great steel if you want to buy it in bulk for your business. 

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 

The Lenovo ThinkPad is a great option when it comes to convertible devices used for corporations. With a new design that comes with a range of features, it is unbelievable that is so easy to carry around. It has a thin and sleek look, similar to any ThinkPad device, as well as a good color scheme. A popular choice is the 2017 ThinkPad X1 which has an i5 processor and a 14 inch display. It is anti-glare with a large resolution and comes with HDMI as well as USB ports. 

HP Elite X2 1012 G1

This is a business grade tablet that will not empty your bank account. With an Intel Core m5-6Y54, it is an effortlessly capable tablet that handles day to day office tasks with efficiency. Using a tablet at work means having to multitask and be aware of lots of damage. The HP Elite has a multi-touch support along with long durability that can withstand all kinds of use and wear. It comes with a kickstand as well as a 3.5mm combo input/output audio port for greater usability. 

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