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5 Easy-to-use Online Video Editors:  Edit Videos efficiently and effortlessly

5 Easy-to-use Online Video Editors: Edit Videos efficiently and effortlessly

Everyone is talking about video marketing and how important it can be for business success. Because visual content is easily remembered, arouses emotions and is much frequently to share on social networks. The video production has long since not inevitably be carried out by an expensive agency. Much of the surge is due to online video editors, which manage to provide an intuitive page while having more powerful functions. At the same time, it can still be challenging to choose a good video editor that fits your needs. So we’ve put together a neat list with five video editor options for Web. Let’s check them out below!


If you are beginners, you will be satisfied with the free online service – FlexClip. This is a simple and convenient online video editor that will allow you to create an attractive video in minutes. Of course, you will not find a complete set of tools for editing here. However, this service still boasts some interesting features. You can upload files of standard formats from your computer directly. If you prefer, it is also available to choose from predefined video templates it provides. While the video is uploaded to the site, the user can add captions, logos, voiceover. When you are satisfied with the final result of the video, you can proceed to the next step by clicking Download. After some waiting time, the system will download a video in standard MP4 format. Anyway, making a video is an easy task for FlexClip.



Wideo is a simple service for non-linear editing. Among the set of tools there is a timeline window, and which can be cut into fragments and add additional video tracks. The site has a hierarchical piggy bank of files, in which there are tabs for a quick transition to the imposition of effects, music, and titles. You can make a slideshow of photos and music using downloaded from various sources of material. The created movie can be published on Vimeo and YouTube, as well as save it to cloud storage. The final result can be downloaded for free in the resolution up to 720p. For Full HD, you will have to pay for it. Creating an interesting video with WeVideo wins over its counterparts in terms of functionality.


Animoto is another powerful online video editing tool that allows you to create beautiful movies from existing photos and videos. The elements that make up the video can be uploaded from your computer or by automatically connecting to services such as Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. And then you will find that Animoto allows you to add texts and music, so as to create videos to save on your computer or share on your social networks. The service can be tested for 14 days free of charge, after which you must sign your subscription plan if you want to continue using the service.


The last excellent online service that you can take into consideration is Clipchamp. It is still a video editor usable via the web, from any browser and operating system, which turns out to be very simple to use. ClipChamp is a good choice that allows you to cut, rotate and mirror films, but also to add photos, texts, filters, transitions and balance colors. It’s free to use, but it allows you to export videos only with a resolution of 480p. This limitation can be circumvented by subscribing to a paid subscription, at a cost of $ 6 / month. It should also be noted that the service offers a good level of security with regard to privacy, as the processed videos are not uploaded to the group’s servers.


This service has a friendly interface and offers good opportunities for editing the video. In order to make a clip using Magisto, you need just a few mouse clicks, because Magisto video creation is fully automated. The finished Magisto videos looked good and were not cheesy. The service adds panning and zooming photos, switching from color to black and white, and makes your video clips creative. For example, by quickly repeating key sections or pausing the videos to make it look like a photo was taken, complete with a shutter sound. The final film can be distributed to social networks, and the video can also be downloaded after its preliminary preparation. With it, you do not even know anything about video editing to create a professional-looking video.

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