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5 Amazing Healthcare Mobile Applications

5 Amazing Healthcare Mobile Applications

With the high percentage of people using the smart phone on a daily basis. Mobile companies are working on creating the latest mobile phone application. For almost every task you do on a routine day. From learning to work, teach, play, live to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, there is an application for all. If any of the students have ever approached Dissertation Writing UK |The Dissertation Help for getting their health-related project done. They must have got a more detailed understanding of how technology has contributed to enhancing healthcare and telemedicine industry.


The main objective of introducing healthcare mobile applications for smartphone users is to smartly streamline communication. Between doctors and patients, reach out to the experienced virtual doctors remotely. Reducing the waiting hours one has to face for the physical appointment and providing health care facilities at the door step. Not only this, the health and fitness freaks are never left behind as the latest mobile applications. Allow users to track their physical activities, exercises performed, diet control and offering ways to become fit and healthy.

This article combines 5 of the most used healthcare mobile applications:


Are you struggling with some fitness issues like obesity, shapeless body or lethargic attitude? Try using the best application, Fitocracy to make you fit with some of its amazing features. In addition to providing the workout tracker, support building, fitness training sessions, muscle building, fat reduction, Fitocracy also allows you to challenge each other in the community to achieve the fitness targets set by the users.

Since the creators of these applications have the history of being shapeless video gamers to amazing bodybuilders. It can be said that they applied the techniques and formula on them to bring up a positive change. So that the application users might get convinced. The users of this smart application can log different workouts on site. Which will help them earn points and progress through levels? Hence, the user remains engaged and motivated to achieve what they have desired.

Insight Optics

The basic feature of this mobile phone application is to focus on specialized care eye patients. To get their retina reports reviewed by a local eye specialist. The mobile phone camera is connected with handheld ophthalmoscope. through which patients’ high-resolution retina images can be captured and patients are provided with the list of ophthalmologists in that geographical area. The users also get recommendations about whether they should have a quick visit to an eye specialist or not.

HelpAround App

HelpAround is one of the extremely useful mobile application for diabetic patients out there. If you ever run out of test strips or glucose tablets. The application will connect you to the nearby users who can help you with test strips, tablets or injection.

Since diabetes is one of the dreadful diseases one can suffer from. It is highly recommended for every diabetic patient to download it in their devices. Even the best dissertation writing services have written on the sufferings of diabetes. So why not take prior prevention methods to avoid facing extreme downsides. A life-saver in the time of need, HelpAround also offers valuable advice from the community. And provide rapid assistance to those in need.

Digital Pharmacist

While it is difficult for the majority of patients to understand the doctor’s mysterious handwriting other than the pharmacist. Ever thought what impact it would make to have an application. Like Digital Pharmacist, to communicate different medications and prescription to their pharmacist? I am sure the medicine genie going digital would do wonders. As the pharmacist is now digital, with the help of this application. The medical information is conveniently accessible for all those who wish to approach hem.

Doctor On Demand

Do you not want to take the pain of waiting in a long queue to get a quick checkup done by your doctor? Doctor on Demand is one of the best healthcare applications. That not only provide specialist advice and recommendation in non-emergencies cases. But it also provides the user’s answers to all their medical related queries.

So, if you really think that a minor symptom to illness which can be treated by virtual doctors. And fitness applications, go ahead with downloading these top used applications and make the best out of their amazing features.

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