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In the past decade alone we have seen changes online we never have imagined a few years back. Smartphones became a standard gadget for everyone. AR, VR, and AI were introduced and started to reshape our online experience with updates and new development hitting mass public consumption every month. Website trends came and went. It is now common to see mobile friendly, smart web designs rooted in machine learning and cloud computing. For any website to achieve success, its creators must be smart enough to realize where the trend is going and use it to their advantage.

We are in an era dominated by the internet. It almost seems impossible for any business, small or big, to find success without the help of a web site or at least a social media page. Personalized web pages are also not limited to businesses; personal sites are often referenced in many people’s resume as a way of showcasing their skills. Many experts are only expecting this trend to continue as we go deeper into the 21st century. All these require the need of a skilled and competent designer who knows the latest and hottest trends when it comes to web design.

Below are some web design trends that will soon become the norm in many business and personal web pages. There’s no telling if these designs will become permanent, some of these might not even survive this year. But they are relevant now and might come in handy for web designers.


We are used to seeing serif typeface for print with sans serif dominating print. But many designers are changing it up by subverting people’s expectations. Headers and callouts are starting to adopt serif as their go-to typefaces. This is mainly due to the fact that serif was designed to be decorative and to stand out.

Black and white

Previous web design leaned towards the colorful and the vibrant. It helps to attract and hold the attention of people through the use of visual landmarks. But the latest trend has seen a shift towards the subdued and the monotone. What’s great about a black and white palette is its subtlety; they are pleasing to look at, making for smooth and enjoyable user experience. Coupled with the smart choice of shapes, lines, and texture, a black-and-white page does a more effective job of holding people’s attention.

Natural shapes

Speaking of shapes, there is resurgence in the use of natural and organic shapes in web design. The trend is opting with using shapes with smooth edges, soft curves, and clean lines. As opposed to the rigidity of squares, rectangles, and triangles with their pointy corners and sharp edges, circles, oblongs, and irregular shapes, creating a soothing and organic experience that many people can relate.

Art accidents

In many of the trends nowadays there is a common move towards retro design. We see people making use of old camera films, cassette tapes, and vinyl records to name a few. In web design, they are giving it a slight edge by glitching retro design. The use of modern technology mixed in with a good amount of retro aesthetics and touch of accidental art makes for quite an awesome user experience. Distorted dial-up connection, over-exposed pictures, coffee stains on paper, these are only some of the design trends that are slowly permeating mane web pages.


I’m sure everyone one is familiar with micro-interactions, though many might not know it is called that. These are small actions that web pages do to enhance the user experience. Things such as a small bell sound when you refresh a page or a red notification bubble to indicate an unread message. All these are micro-interactions and they have been common for quite some time. Although they were used sparingly in the past, modern web design will feature more of these micro-interactions as a means to engage an audience, keeping them longer in the page.

Though these trends might be hot and popular now, there is now telling there the route of web design might lead a few years from now. New development in technology can always affect how we use and apply the internet in doing business as well as in our day to day lives. In a few years, we might begin to see more receptive and intuitive AI running most web pages. Virtual reality can also dramatically change web design and structure drastically. A dedicated server can also play a role in how people store and compute data through the cloud. Services like dedicated server london might see an increase in popularity in the coming years. 

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