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Top 4 Educational VR Apps

Top 4 Educational VR Apps

Everyone likes to dive into what they can see. Similarly students also want to dive into that ancient civilizations when Pharaoh used live with his wives in Egypt while his workers were building pyramids where they used to hide secrets or into chemicals that are mixed to make water or gold or into underwater without getting wet where they would be able to see a different kind of fishes and coral reefs.

And most importantly now it is possible!

Thanks to Virtual Reality which has made it possible.

Virtual Reality or VR is that technology which shows everything in such a magnified way as if you are present there. That moment appears to be spent in the desired place which you are seeing through it while sitting on your couch.

vr apps

The biggest innovation is that now VR Apps can be used via apps to on your phones and pads.

Anatomy VR:

Students are too enthusiastic to know more and more about the human body when they are taught in a very interesting manner. Those children should install Anatomy VR in their phones.
Anatomy VR takes the users on the journey to the human body where every bone and muscle are shown in a much-magnified manner to fulfill their lust of observing organs at pace.
Teachers of Biology can ask all the students to install it. Let them use when they are taught about the functions of kidneys and muscles. Other than, the app is also helpful for teenager students too because they too need a conceptual understanding of human body systems. And observation can give them better understanding than written explanations which the writers of the book have taken from other books or research papers written by dissertation writers UK or others.

Chemistry VR:

Many of the students find Chemistry boring and dry subject. Yet, teachers can make it interesting by teaching them via Chemistry VR.
Chemistry VR makes the subject fun. It let the users combine the elements of their own choices and make the chemical what they like.
Teachers can show them how the specific chemicals are made by mixing or combining the required elements in the app. Moreover, he or she can students to make water or salt by themselves.
Students love practical work. And Chemistry VR engages
them with elements and chemicals virtually in a very practical way.

Titans of Space:

Everyone loves that bright-colored Nebula, that blue and shiny galaxies and connective stars making a constellation. Therefore, everyone loves to know about them more and more. And that’s why teachers introduce such topics in the curriculum. But, studying such topics without videos and pictures make it uninteresting. That’s why students do not show interest. But, now they can show interest and the way is Titans of Space.
Titans of Space bring the users into the universe space. It shows them different planets and stars, and tell them about it.
Thus, teachers can teach them about Mars and Pluto via it.


Dear arts and science teachers, if you want to teach engineering with creativity to your kids. Then ask them to install CoSpaces in their iPads!
CoSpaces gives users the best platform to create their own spaces. And area by using differently animated cartoons and pieces which they can join to make a house or car or shop, whatever they want to create.
Thus, this app will make them creative. It will bombard their minds with different ideas. And ideas are the gateway to create innovative things. And areas either from blocks like artists or words like dissertation writers the UK.

So, these are the top four Virtual Reality based applications that can make understanding better and fall you in love with your school’s subjects or different topics of science, arts and history.

The world is changing. Therefore, now it is required to change our methods of teaching too. That’s why now it is needed to bring technology into the world. And mix both the physical and virtual world together to lessen the gap between the two worlds and clear the confusions at a great deal. Help can be taken from different dissertation writers and educationists to make the system better.

So, use these applications, teach kids by engaging them and make the studies and classes full of fun!

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