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Top 2 Best Free Website Builders

Top 2 Best Free Website Builders

Creating a magnificent website should be easy, fast and fun. You should not have to hire expensive designers and developers to create your home online. With the free website generator, provide all the tools you need to make this happen. Here is the review for two best free website builders, will help you to find the other free website builders.


WordPress is used by many people who want to build a free website because the templates are often better than those offered by other platforms. WordPress does not offer an editor for dragging and placing elements, but the website builder does offer many different templates that are divided into multiple categories. was the very first free website builder we have ever used. We chose this provider because you get a storage space of 3 GB and this is three to six more than the storage space that other platforms offer. We also think it is a great advantage that there are many different templates available compared to other website builders. As mentioned, you cannot use an editor for dragging and placing elements, but based on the available video manuals, it is no problem to design your website.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages. If you opt for a free subscription, you will be assigned a sub-domain of and you can only use the free themes. Besides, you only get access to the standard functions to edit your website. This means that you cannot change the CSS or HTML code. Furthermore, you cannot create an environment for customers or add plug-ins and your website will display advertisements from

We found it a disadvantage that the possibilities that WordPress offers are rather limited and this is especially true if you have opted for the free subscription. Since it is not possible to change codes or add widgets, the options for your website are limited and you will soon find that you have to switch to a different provider or a paid version to ensure that your website can continue to grow.

The free plan from is best suited for informative websites and sites with a blog that is not very extensive and for which you do not need advanced functions. If you want to develop a website for a different purpose, you better opt for a paid package. In that case, the Premium or Business version is a good choice because it offers the following functions:

  1. Free domain name
  2. Support via chat and e-mail
  3. Unlimited number of premium themes
  4. Minimum 13 GB storage space (unlimited with the Business version)
  5. Possibility to add a web store to your WordPress website


Thanks to the simple editor for dragging and placing elements and an excellent selection of pre-configured templates, Weebly makes it possible to set up a website quickly.

We think one of the advantages of Weebly is that the platform offers various functions for designing your website that other website builders cannot offer. To start with, Weebly offers video backgrounds that give you more options to add media files to your website compared to other platforms. There is also an image editor that allows you to edit photos without having to install additional software. You can also place animations on your websites to give your site a fun and funny look.

Just like Wix, Weebly also has an app store with various tools that you can use to add more functions to your website. Some applications such as apps for your web store can only be used if you have taken out a paid subscription.

Of course, there are several restrictions if you have opted for the free version of Weebly. For example, you must use a subdomain and you will have a limited storage space of 500 MB. Weebly advertisements will also appear on your web pages.

An important reason why people choose Weebly is the fact that the provider offers you the opportunity to sell products online. But we found it disappointing that you cannot set up an online store if you have opted for a free Weebly subscription, as is the case with SimpleSite, for example. If you want to add a web store, you will have to opt for a paid subscription.

Weebly has three paid versions that offer you the following options:

  1. Free domain name
  2. Credit to place advertisements
  3. Unlimited storage space
  4. Advanced statistics about your website
  5. Files that are protected with a password
  6. Audio and video files in HD quality
  7. Possibility to have members login
  8. Possibility to sell products online by using the payment methods of
  9. The free version is suitable if you want to create a personal website with, for example, blog posts, your resume or an event. In all other cases, the paid version is more suitable.

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