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Tips & Tricks to be used while setting up wireless HP Printer

Tips & Tricks to be used while setting up wireless HP Printer

With the increased technology, people too have moved forward in accessing the modern equipment, to ease out the way they used to work. Whether it be personal or professional work, at every corner you can see the modest version of devices. To make out the best results, people prefer to use the latest device. Like, in the office, the employees prefer using HP wireless printer, to save time and space with quick result. Well, we would make you aware that this printer has been ranked at the top for its features and functions. If you too want to know about HP wireless printer setup, go through this article. 

Features of Wireless HP printer 

Have a look at the catchy features that wireless HP Printer holds:

  • Voice-activated printing option
  • Vast setup plan
  • Color availability 
  • Free printing option from your smartphones
  • Cloud-based copy
  • Wifi available 
  • Two-way network connection
  • 50% ink saving

Basic Requirements before setting up wireless printers

Some points to be checked before you set up wireless HP Printer:

  • Verify that your system is connected to 802.11b/g/n wireless router over a 2.4 GHz connection. The 5.0 GHz is unsupported by HP printer.
  • Should check that wireless network has the ability to control Operating system  
  • Make sure dynamic IP address is used by your computer and avoid static IP address
  • Your System must have either Windows Vista or OS 10.5 and upper version  

Process for setting up wireless printer 

Use these steps to know how to connect hp printer to wifi successfully. You can perform in two ways: either manually or automatically. Let’s get started:

Steps to setup HP Printer connection to wifi manually:

  • You need to first place the printer in the router signal range

Wifi printer connected to your computer without any cable. The only concern is to keep your printer in wifi range.

  • Switch on the power button

Next, you need to turn on the power button and no other connection is needed. 

  • Now, connect your printer to Wifi 

Thereafter, connect your HP printer to the network via in-built menu option. 

  • Lastly, add the  printer to your Windows or Mac computer

As soon as you connect the printer to your network, it gives permission to add to Windows or Mac to take out prints. 

Note: If you have bought a new wireless HP printer but have not added the device yet, then you need to know the process of setting up wireless printers 

Steps to setup HP Printer connection to wifi automatically:

Check out these steps to connect HP printer to wifi automatically:

  1. Go to the browser and in the search box type 
  2. Mention your printer model and click OK
  3. Next, double-click the software icon and this will open printer setup process
  4. Now, switch on the printer and check your printer supports wireless option
  5. Thereafter, follow the onscreen instructions to connect wifi to hp printer
  6. Choose the network ‘Ethernet’ when prompted on the screen
  7. Then, click Yes on the flashed statement that says “send my wireless settings to printer”
  8. Within few minutes configuration message will appear on screen and your printer will be connected

HP Printer Customer Service Desk

Was this guide not fruitful for you to understand how to connect Printer to Wifi? Well, this is not a big issue as large number of people lack technical knowledge and thus they need assistance from the experts. The senior professionals will instruct you step by step, guiding you patiently until you successfully connect your printer to wifi. To get connected to them,  dial our toll-free number and ask for the prompt solution. Our team of experts is available all round the clock, 24*7 to help you. 

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