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Travel With Your Pets: 7 Tips to Make Your Trip Interesting

Travel With Your Pets: 7 Tips to Make Your Trip Interesting

Traveling to far off places to get a break from the usual schedule of our monotonous lives has always been an exciting prospect. But for those who have pets, travel planning is a lot more cumbersome as they need to think about their pets’ safety and comfort while traveling. For many, the task is too much even to consider, and they find it easier to leave their pets at home. If you are not one of them and want to enjoy your trips with your lovely pets, you need to plan well in advance, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your pets. Here are seven useful tips to make your trip with your pets memorable. 

1. Take your pet to a vet before you depart

Pets with a history of severe diseases are not ideal candidates for long trips. Even if your dog or cat is healthy, you will need a health certificate for your pet to travel on planes or ships. In any case, the vet may give your pet some vaccines and medications so that they do well throughout the journey. If your vet feels that there are some issues with your pet, he can even recommend leaving your pets at home or with a pet care facility.     

2. Choose your mode of travel

As a pet owner, you know how your pet behaves in different transports. Researches say that long journeys may be stressful for your pets and can affect their health. Some pets may not be comfortable on flights, while others may feel sick on long road trips. Compared to road trips, air and sea voyages are long haul and require a lot of patience. Additionally, different modes of travel need you to possess various permits and tickets to carry your pets. When you are preparing for a road trip, habituate your pets with frequent and short road journeys from a few days before the day of departure.  

3. Provide your pets a comfortable air-transport

In road journeys or shorter train journeys, your pet may get a comfortable seat to rest on. However, on flights, you will need to make special arrangements to carry them. All airlines do not provide pet facilities. Even with the ones that do, you should check in advance if they have proper provisions for pet foods, medical assistance, and toilets. Items like a Dog Carrier is immensely helpful to keep your dog standing at the restricted in-cabin space or cargo hold provided by most airlines.

4. Maintain your pet’s hygiene and training while traveling

It is essential to maintain the regular urinary, bathing, and training habits of your pets while you travel. It is vital to keep things as close to normal as possible so that your pets are not unsettled by sudden changes in their routine. If you are traveling by road, you can easily accomplish this by pulling over your car once in a while to take care of your pet’s needs. You can also bring along the favorite playthings of your pet so that both of you can enjoy and train in a park or green patch by the road.  

5. Pack the essentials for your pets

If you are traveling by car, you may not always get the usual food for your pets on the way. This is the same with treats, medicines, grooming tools, etc. Since your pet is habituated to these, you must pack these things for the whole duration of the travel. If you wish to stay in the new place for a long time, contact the local dealers there and check whether they sell the things your pet requires.

6. Get your pet an ID

An unruly or overactive pet can run away from you in a new place, creating a massive problem for you. An ID attached to your pet’s collar should be a necessary arrangement for the safety of your pet. The ID chip should include the pet’s medical details updated by a vet. Besides the ID, the collar should also have a tag attached that will have your name and active phone number. 

7. Choose a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Not all hotels provide pet facilities. The ones that allow pets often have weight limits and may not entertain big pets. However, this is not a reason for you to sneak your pet into the hotel room. Generally, hotels prefer pets that are calm and well-trained. Convince them that your pet is well-behaved and will not create any nuisance.

Always check if the hotel provides all adequate facilities for pets such as caregivers, medical assistance, etc. Also, avoid hotels that charge you unreasonably for your pets.

Final words

Pet parents will always want to give their pets the best facilities, even when they are out traveling. Many times, this means that they have to spend more on their pets than on themselves. But if money is not an issue, plan stuff for your pets as you would for yourself. A well-planned trip with your pet for once will become a loving memory for your lifetime. 

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