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5 Essential Tips To Increase Android’s Performance

5 Essential Tips To Increase Android’s Performance

Does the camera of your phone become unresponsive? Or Do you wait for minutes to launch an app? Or Do you feel your phone is slow or not as smooth as it was earlier?

Well! An Android phone shows all these signs when it starts lagging. Over the time, most of the Android devices start to slow down due to the lack of storage space and clutter of junk files. It becomes sluggish and loses the efficiency that once made you drool over it. 

If you are thinking that this is only the problem with the low end or budgeted devices, you are wrong. The problem of sluggishness may occur even in a high notch expensive smartphone. Then, what’ s the solution?

Shall you buy a new phone or take it to a service centre or lose hope?

You need not to do any of these. Just follow the below tips and tricks and optimize your device performance to a greater extent. 

5 Tips To Optimize Your Smartphone Speed and Battery

 Here are the essential tips through which you may boost the speed of your Android phone and make it work smooth and faster. 

 1. Update Your Android Phone

Updating your smartphone is a must. With a regular interval of time, you should look for the available updates for your Android version. Manufacturers of your phone and Google both launch various updates which include bug fixes, security updates, performance and connectivity updates etc. By updating your phone, you may easily up-to-date your system and fix the technical or firmware faults that are present in your phone.

2. Clear cache and Junk Files

Like cleanliness is necessary for good health, deep learning of our phone is essential for its good performance and longevity.  Junk files and cache clutters the phone space and cause sluggishness and slowing down. Thus, you should clean your Android phone manually or get rid of junk files using an Android cleaner app.  Manually cleaning takes time and requires following a long process to delete system cache whereas cleaning cache though phone cleaner apps is time saving and easy.

A good cleaning app like Advanced Phone Cleaner may clean the junk and cache data with one tap. Also, it offers various optimization solutions through which you may optimize your device performance, cool down CPU temperature, manage files and delete duplicate media files such as photos, videos etc.  

3. Limit the Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Keep the home screen of your phone light. No matter how fascinating it looks, too much Widgets and Live Wallpapers on the homescreen continuously drains your battery life and degrades phone’s performance.  It always runs in the background and lay excessive burden on your phone’s resources and processor. Thus, try to keep a static background and enable only fewer widgets as far as possible.

4. Remove Unused Apps and Bloatware Apps

Uninstall the apps that you don’t use or use once in a while. Every app that you install in your phone uses your phone resources and claims a specific storage space. Thus, an excessive clutter of apps in your phone reduces the storage and keeps on slowing down your phone unnecessarily.

Similarly, the bloatwares or system apps that are pre-installed by manufacturers in your phone should be disabled, if not used frequently. As these apps may cause issues after uninstallation, disabling comes as a great option to stop them from running in the background.

5.  Turn Off Animations

Although animations make navigations in your phone look amazing, it causes delay and slow down of your devices. Too much animations in phones keep on running in the background and engage the resources of the phone all the time. Thus, it is always advised to reduce the animations or turn it off. 

To turn off the animations, users just need to navigate to device settings and tap on the “Developer Options”. If the Developer Option doesn’t show up in the options, then navigate to Settings and Tap on “About Phone”. In this section, you will find “Build Number”. Tap on it at least seven times. This will enable the Developer options for you. Once you have the Developer Option, tap on it and scroll down to view the animations options such as Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale. Turn all these three off or anyone or two to reduce the animations.

If you want your smartphone to work for a longer time, then do follow the aforementioned tips. These tips may enhance your phone performance and give life to your old android device within no minute. So, try it now!

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