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Three Work from Home Tips to Increase Productivity

Three Work from Home Tips to Increase Productivity

Working from home has its pros and cons. Working from the comfort of your own home can give you the freedom to create a schedule and home office that works for you. However, it’s easy to become un-motivated with no co-workers around. Follow these tips in order to make the time you spend working from home the most productive it’s ever been.

1 Remove distractions from your space

Many times, when working from home it can be easy to get distracted. Working at your computer while still in your home can leave you to focus on other things in the room over your work. Having a dirty or messy room might distract you by making you want to get up and clean it before you can focus on your work.

Another big thing that can distract you while working from home is having the freedom to work from wherever in your home you’d like. A lot of times this can leave you to stay in bed while working. Working in bed can not only be hard on your back but can also keep you from performing your best. 

The best way to combat distractions while working from home is to simply remove the distractions from your space. Make sure you utilize your time on the weekends to set your space up for optimal productivity. Clean and organize the room you’ll be working in so that things like mess, dirt, and laundry don’t distract you from the tasks you need to complete.

Additionally, work at a desk to ensure that you have proper lumbar support as well as a space to devote to your work. Keeping work separate from your home can greatly increase productivity. Go into your home office space as if you are going into an office every day. Keeping work separate from your home can greatly increase productivity.

2 Design your space with productivity in mind

Working at home can be hard to get used to when coming from working in an office. It can sometimes be hard to know how to set up your home office in a way that makes you productive. Think of your home office as your office away from home. Keep your personal life separate from your office space.

Use color to give the space an office-like feel. Painting a wall green can promote energy in the space, while painting a wall yellow can make the room feel more positive. Using color is a great way to help bring a certain feel to your home office.

Place motivation throughout your office to give you the help you need to get through tough days. Quotes from famous businesspeople, inspirational pictures, or a picture of your dream destination can help promote you to be more productive and reach your goals. You can even order a custom canvas print to give your space a more personal feel.

3 Set hourly goals

Without the scheduled meetings that usually come along with working in a traditional office, it can be difficult to organize your day while working from home. What tasks do you start with? Setting hourly goals is a great way to prioritize the tasks you need to complete. 

First, make a list at the beginning of each day. List the tasks you need to do in order of most to least important. Next, estimate how much time it will take you to complete the tasks. Then make a rough outline of what your day will look like. For example:

8am-9am: Check and respond to emails

9am-11am: Make quarterly budget and send to Mr. Smith

11am-12pm: Write Snack Inc. client report and send to POC

12pm-1pm: Lunch and recharge

1pm-2pm: Phone meeting with Mr. Smith about quarterly budget

2pm-4pm: Work on client work

4pm-5pm: Send any non-pressing follow up emails received throughout the day

Keeping an outline of what your day should look like will help to keep you on task rather than just doing tasks in order of when they come up. Also, don’t forget to set aside some time in your day to eat and recharge. Like previously mentioned, keeping your office space and the rest of your home separate is extremely important. 

Using your lunch time to relax in your home can help you to be more productive in the afternoon. Utilize being at home to eat a healthy lunch and take a quick power nap to recharge. According to an article by Layla Sleep, taking just a 20 minute nap during your lunch break will keep your productivity up by enhancing your motor skills and increasing your attention span.

Final thoughts

While working from home can be incredibly freeing, it comes with its own set of challenges. Overcome these challenges by removing distractions from your space, designing your space in order to promote productivity, and setting hourly goals to keep yourself on track. Follow these tips to make your work you do from home the most productive it’s ever been!

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Samantha Rupp holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She is a contributing editor for, a marketing expert for The Travel Secret, as well as runs a personal blog, She lives in San Diego, California and enjoys spending time on the beach, reading up on current industry trends, and traveling.

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