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Top 5 tips to develop a user-centric freelancing website

Top 5 tips to develop a user-centric freelancing website

Well, in this technological world, it’s a great opportunity to find work from your place without going anywhere. People like to be their own boss and work independently. Currently, all the resources are available to start working alone without working under any company. However, you need to have powerful skills and sufficient talent to find an appropriate job for you. 

There are plenty of freelancing platforms available in the market like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and many more which work as an intermediary between the job seekers and employers. It provides every required service to make communication and deal between two people. It offers all the required and demanding features to make your work done with the ease. 

By looking at the popularity of this websites people are moving towards this trend. Specifically, who have a knowledge of the computer/IT sector they have found a very bright future in it. Many Upwork Script are available which helps to build the same website with some additional features. These days people are highly obsessed towards the Upwork clone script to develop a website and we at MintTM offer a variety of scripts. You can get plenty of features the same as existing one.

However, at the same time it’s also necessary to look at the what are the demands of the user from your website based on what you should design. So, let’s discuss some of the tips to develop a user-centric website.

Tip #1. Visually appealing

The foremost requirement in this generation. Your website must be able to capture the attention of people with the design. People would easily recall your website if you have a visually appealing design, it’s a human propensity. 

You need to display every section of the website in a very attractive manner so that it encourages visitors to be a part of your website. Choose a design and color from an upwork script which fits with the website as it’s highly associated with the  human mind and easily attract them. While developing an Upwork clone you can look for the design of the existing website and reason behind every detail that gives you direction to think for your website. 

As a developer you should know what makes your website visually appealing so that you can get the expected result. Hence, do consider this vital point as people are always looking for this feature. 

Tip #2. Project bidding

The most demanding feature of any freelancing website. A freelancer can get the desired project price by putting a right bid for that. Outsourcing fee may vary for every project so there should be a bid option in the website so that freelancers can set their own price. Due to the popularity of this feature every upwork script is providing this functionality and you must add it to offer a better user experience. 

Any freelancer must have access to bid for the project and they also should see other bids so that they can set their own price. However, the employer should not assign a project based on the price of the bid but they also need to check the portfolio of the freelancer. This bid system feature from the Upwork clone script let the freelancer set their own price for the project which motivates them to work. Therefore, it’s an essential feature from an employer and job seeker’s point of view so you must include it.  

Tip #3. Fully responsiveness

It’s highly essential to give your user a complete freedom to use your website from any device. Because nowadays people are mostly using their mobile and tablets rather than the desktop and they should get the best experience on every device. Even every Upwork clone script is built with this feature as it’s demanding currently. 

Your visitor must be able to get the quick access of every element of your website in any device they want to use. Being an independent job finder, people may use your website from any place and any device as they are not bound with the office desktop. So, give your user a better flexibility to use your Upwork clone that will surely attract them.

Tip #4. User-friendly chat system

As the Upwork works as an intermediary between the employer and job seekers, having a chat system is mandatory. In order to discuss the project, a in bult chat from the Upwork script is required. It’s the only way to make communication while working online. 

While giving projects to unknown people some may hesitate initially, however a chat between them builds trust among each other which is really necessary to work together. And it’s true that satisfied users are happy to work with you in the future and it’s beneficial for both, job seekers and employers. 

Using a live chat system assists you to keep giving quick responses to the customers which resolve every query promptly. Moreover, you need to provide a strong security as well to protect the chat information from the hackers. Otherwise, people won’t like to use it further. Therefore, try to add an advanced chat system on your website.

Tip #5. Advanced search & filter

Consider this essential point to develop a completely customer-centric website because without strong and advanced search everything is useless. It must give a quick and efficient result. From the thousands of jobs posted in your website, users need to find only a few and that can be possible with the filter option only. 

Users may filter out the job based on the price, skill required, location, time, ratings and many more. So, it’s your responsibility to provide them with an exact and expected result. Your Upwork clone must not disappoint the visitors with poor search results otherwise you may lose your customers which can’t be tolerated by any website. 

Within a few keywords your search bar must display some of the relevant suggestions so that users don’t need to write down the complete word. It saves their time and gives them a better experience of using your website. 


It’s a better opportunity for the talented people to start their own work and move away from the traditional office based work. It has a bright future ahead for sure. In this technological world, people have accepted this new form of working alone and getting remarkable success as well. Above-mentioned points will assist you to develop an amazing freelancing website and attract more people to work on it. 

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