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4 Tips to Build an Award-Winning Mobile App

4 Tips to Build an Award-Winning Mobile App

From the moment you wake up in the morning with an alarm clock to the moment you start your day at work, everything you do revolves around an app. You cannot live without an app. 

Every company now demands an app. If there is no app for your company, it will be difficult for customers to trust you. 

But before you develop the perfect app, there are some things that you need to consider. 

These four tips might sound like simple tips, but when you develop an app, these tips will help you get ahead of your competitors. Not just that, if you do it right, your app might be featured in the app store, and your downloads will blow your sales. 

1. Keep it Simple 

Everyone loves simplicity. If you want your app to be famous or loved, you need to make your app as simple as possible. 

The good thing about the mobile app is that there is room for simplicity. It’s easy to include all the features in the app. It’s difficult to filter out the unnecessary features and make sure which of the features will be worth keeping. 

That’s why you must minimize the features so that the app performs and works even with some features. Everyone wants a simple mobile app

Avoid the flash and the glitter and the complex UX/UI. Just focus on simplicity, and people will refer your app for sure. 

2. Keep an eye on trends 

We all know that part of digital marketing trends is mobile app marketing. That’s why you must keep an eye on app development trends as well. 

Do you want to try something different? I don’t think that’s a good option. For your app to succeed, you must do things that are already popular among people. For instance, one-step checkout is always trending. Minimalism is another thing that people love. 

As a developer, it is your job to figure out the need of the customer. And when you know what the users want, go out there and give them whatever is trending. 

There will be users from every demographic. That’s why you need to be careful about whatever you are giving to the customers of that region. Maybe some features or words are taboo in that particular region, that’s why you should do market research before you follow the trends blindly. 

3. Keep an Eye on Updates 

Every day a new update emerges. That’s why you need to ensure that you keep an eye on every update that you get. Maybe that one update can cause problems for your app. That’s why you must do everything in your hand to iterate the app as per the requirement. 

Say, there is an OS update, be it Google or Apple, you must update your app, fix if there are any bugs in the app, and launch the app with that new update. 

You cannot keep working and hope that things will settle for themselves. As a mobile app developer, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on things. 

A professional mobile app development company will always keep a tab on the latest updates. If things go wrong, there is a chance that an update must be done in the app. 

4. A/B testing is a wise thing to do

Do you want to know how to minimize flaws in your app? Do A/B testing often. Not just once, or twice. Whether there is a new option or a new color, or you are testing font in the app. What about A/B testing push notifications? You should use A/B testing to make things right. 

If your app is not complete, but you want to know the response of people, it is good that you A/B test the app before you launch the full version of the app. 

In this way, before you even launch the app for the app store, you’ll be able to know what is causing the problem in the app. Who can give the best advice other than the people who will be using it? 

Final Thoughts

If you are a startup, an app is not a choice anymore. You need to develop the app if you are willing to beat the competitor. Your competitors might already be using the app, but if you follow these tips, it will be easy for you to beat them in no time because every app has its charm, and the way you make the app will inevitably impact how users will treat the app. 

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Usman Ahmed Khan
Digital marketer at CactacStudios, who is curious about many things and wants to leave his mark on the digital landscape.

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