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Top Ten Tips To Connect With Blogger Community As A New Blogger!

Top Ten Tips To Connect With Blogger Community As A New Blogger!

The blogger world is vast and endless, with a deep connective system. The main focus of bloggers is to have credibility with their audience. In this circumstance, breaking into the blogosphere as a professional blogger can be hard. It is hard to know how you can make the best break into the blogger community.

Well, worry not; we are here to provide you the best options for blogger breakthroughs with the tips and tricks you need to break into the blogger community. These are age-old tricks that are tried and tested to be true 


Bloggers love their feedback, and there is a silent culture that when you comment on a blogger’s post, they are more likely to comment on your blog post as well. That is why you should look for the most prominent blogger in your genre and comment on their blog posts regularly. But keep in mind that the top breed is going to have a robust culture of response because they get tons of comments every day.

You are best served with a system of working with comparatively smaller bloggers with a considerable number of audience that comes with the assured that your comment will be read by a broad audience and will also get a noticed blogger interested in your blog.

2. Advice:

Don’t just write generic comments lie ‘great post’; read their blog carefully and create a pleasant, big, chunky paragraph that discusses their blog post in detail. Shed light on unique and introspective points that come to your mind while reviewing the post. That will be intriguing to the writer as well as other commentators, and they are far more likely to engage with you and include you in their community. 

3. Share Away:

Sharing is caring, and it is also quid pro quo. If you regularly share your friend’s blogs and fellow blog posts, then they are also far more likely to share your blog post. The simple fact is that if you are only sharing your blogs, then it looks like you do not have much of an audience. But more you share other blog posts, and other bloggers share your posts, stronger credentials you develop as a blogger. 

Also, their community is different from yours and almost most certainly belong to a different culture and geographical location, so your blog post will have a new and robust audience that you cannot provide to the blog post by yourself. 

4. Twitterati:

Having an active profile on Twitter is a powerful and quick way to expose your content to an influential audience. Twitter growth is perhaps the most natural growth process in all social media platforms. All you need to do is find the most trending content in your genre or with relevant keywords like “bird of paradise linen clothing” and retweet such content regularly. You will grow your audience so fast, and it will blow your mind. 

And all of your followers will be hardcore fans of your genre. That is the fact that no other social media platform can provide to you. You will be sharing your blog post and your blogger friend’s content wit the top-notch and extremely engaged audience. Try it out, and then you will believe it!

5. Know Thy Blogger!

Blogging is an extremely personal experience, and most bloggers discuss their everyday life in their content. One thoughtless comment on the blog and you are crossed off their list for good. Firstly, avoid judgmental thoughts simply because this is a networking exercise. 

Secondly, you should get to know your blogger acquaintances on a deep level. The more you understand where they are coming from, the strong bond you will develop. Always remember that you are attempting to become a part of a community, so it will be useful if you can engage with the blogger community that you want to join. 

6. No Secrets in Blogging:

If you have made a network with a blogger and the blogger has given you advice, then you have to implement it as well. The only way to make sure that the blogger will trust you further is to show them that you have taken their advice and applied it to your blog. That result will encourage them to work with you also and will make sure that you get the spot in the blogosphere that you deserve. 

7.Know When to Talk:

A person showing online is not the same thing as them being available to talk. Be a professional, and learn to drop messages. You will find that a decent work ethic will go a long way to help you find your place in the blogger world. Understand that bloggers are busy individuals, and once they give you one advice, you should try and show them that you can multiply that many folds. Avoid sharing complaints and grievances, and focus on sharing successes. 

8. Inbound Links: 

Inbound links are the best way to run higher on Googe. There are paid and free link sources available such as Yahoo Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, Influence Finder, SEO Spyglass, and Open Site Explorer. They are a great way to enhance your blog’s Google ranking and link your blog posts strongly to the various search engines. 

9. Social Engagement: 

Keep an active profile on all social media accounts like Facebook, Twiter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others. If you have some money to invest, then PostRank will provide extensive data service that will analyze the social ranking on the page across 20 social media hubs by analyzing their API.

10. Blog Finding:

Now the question is, where will you find substantial blogs to connect with? Here we have listed a few good search engines that will allow you to search the right blogs for your growth strategy:

(i) Google Blog Search:

Google has an exclusive blog exploring platform that is ideal for finding blogs in your niche. 

(ii) Technorati:

This is a good search engine because it runs the blogs according to their influence in the blogosphere. Google Bog Search takes it into account through the back linking algorithm while ranking blogs. Still, it is also an excellent way to find highly influential blogs. 

(iii) Google Alerts:

If you want to continue community development on an ongoing basis, then you might want to put a Google Alert on the niche that you like so that you get notified with useful blogs on your niche continuously. 

(iv) “Best of” Lists:

We all know useful lists that have the best blogs listed in any given niche. The only problem is that their traffic is high, and you will find few bloggers in these lists that are willing to engage since these highly back linked lists turn them into a celebrity. 

So here are our best tips to help you get the bloggers community you will need to launch your blog. Always remember that blogging is a long game, and it is common to take months before your blog takes off. No need to be discouraged, as long as you are committed and persistent, you will get the results that you want. 

Author Bio 

Emma Thomas is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blogs and sales pages.  A writer by day and a reader by night, she can be often found picking cherries in summer Afternoons

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