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5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands in 2020

5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands in 2020

Instagram is a place to be for businesses, now more than it was ever! With more than 500 million daily active users, brands are losing on the huge audience pool if they are not putting the heart and mind to implement these Instagram tactics in their marketing strategies- 

Let’s get started! 

Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands

1. Embed Instagram On Website

People these days look for brand information beyond the one that is mentioned on the website. They prefer genuine reviews over customer testimonials. 

By integrating, Instagram on the website, brands can showcase their stories through user pictures and videos that they have posted on Instagram about their experience with brand products. This is known as UGC marketing and the Instagram content over a website is known as an Instagram feed. 

Businesses could embed Instagram feed on a website in the following ways- 

·  By Using Instagram Embed Code

Instagram offers an embed feature through which a business could embed Instagram posts over the website. The embed option is available with every post which when selected, generates an embed code. 

The code has to be copied and pasted in a website backend for picture/video to appear over the website. However, this approach does not allow for more than one post to be displayed over the website at a time and has to be repeated over and over again, which is time-consuming. 

·  Introducing Instagram widget on a website

The second way is relatively easy through which brands can not only embed Instagram feed but could also filter and update the pictures over the website automatically. Through Instagram widget, brands can offer their website visitors a look at their dynamic content. 

An Instagram feed could be employed by using social media aggregator tools available in the market. They provide an embed code that has to be placed on the website backend just one time. These tools help in effortless curation, moderation, and personalization of the Instagram feed. 

·  Through Screenshots

Taking screenshots from Instagram and introducing them on a website is the quickest way for the website-Instagram merger. This approach doesn’t interfere with the Instagram API and is a great way to save the Instagram pictures that might get deleted or expired due to some issues. 

But, just like the embed code option, the screenshot method gets tiresome after a point. It also lowers the picture quality of the posts which is not good news for website visual appeal.

· By Instagram Feed Plugin

Instagram provides its plugin which could be placed on the website that is built over WordPress. The Instagram plugin appears on the lower-left side of the website homepage. 

By clicking the plugin icon, an Instagram sign-in window will appear which can be accessed after entering the account credentials. Then, after authorizing Instagram, a shortcode will be generated that could be added to the website backend which will fetch the Instagram content and display on the website. 

2. Write A Stellar Instagram Bio

A brand’s Instagram bio is as important as the profile content. 


People usually have short attention spans. An engaging Insta bio will intrigue them within seconds. When a user visits a brand Instagram profile, he/she wants to know everything about the business. A great bio gives the reason to the audience as to why a brands’ Instagram existence should be noticeable enough, let alone be a part of its community. 

Brands can add their website link or a URL to give a peek into their industry breakthroughs. By including relatable emoticons, brands could make their Instagram bio description shine. Do not forget to describe what a business does. By creating a bio that is informative, attractive and engaging, brands could add a personality to their Instagram profile.

3. Quality Hashtags Over Quantity

Instagram has aced the hashtag game compared to other social media networks. It lets the user view the content of their interest through the ‘Discover’ feature which pulls the content based on hashtag search. Not only the Instagram accounts, but users can also follow their favorite hashtags on Instagram. It also gives content-suggestions based on users’ Instagram activities- the kind of hashtag they followed, profiles they visited or the content they have engaged with. 

It is a fact that Instagram posts with hashtags are more likely to get engagement than the one without any. Hence, businesses must include right and relevant hashtags in post captions and Instagram stories. The relatable element of hashtags is equally important as trending. Just because Instagram allows thirty hashtags doesn’t mean that has to stuff the post captions. 

This is only possible when brands pre-plan their hashtag marketing strategy. A good mix would be using popular hashtags, industry-based and self-created hashtags in the caption. There are innumerable tools available in the market that helps in hashtag optimization and search. 

4. Create More Instagram Stories & IGTV Videos

Of all the social media channels that have story features, Instagram stories have the highest engagement factor. The first to notice the need for vertical marketing, Instagram launched the story component in 2016. Since then there was no turning back for Instagram in terms of user-interaction and engagement. 

Many brands shy away from creating content for the story section not knowing that it can bring a huge deal of interaction to their accounts and probably, conversions. Brands can use the Instagram story to give a “sneak preview” of their upcoming products or services. 

They could also use the “Ask me anything” feature in stories to ask for reviews or as an impromptu Q&A session. By using the “poll” feature businesses can take into account users’ views about various activities such as their excitement for the next launch. 

One way to build a brand-consumer relationship is to “mention” valuable followers in the Instagram story. Brands can keep their Stories in different highlights so that first-time visitors could see the past content. 

Instagram also allows the brands to share longer duration videos via IGTV. The Instagram video feature is the best way to showcase product tutorials or host a podcast and Q&A session with their followers. It adds to the “out-of-the-box” approach of the brand. When users see that a brand is creative in their user-engagement strategy, they respond more positively and participate in its marketing campaigns.

5. Effective DM and Comment Response

Engagement is two-way but businesses generally focus on one way that is brand to the audience. It is essential to communicate and address users’ queries to build a long-term relationship with them.  

Instagram’s direct messaging is a great platform to encourage customer-brand interaction. It allows potential leads to reach out to you regarding product information. Therefore, it is important to hand over this task to someone good at sales and communication as automatic replies are most often ignored by people. The same should be kept in mind when replying to followers’ comments. 


Instagram has become the go-to marketing tool for businesses worldwide. It allows the brand to reach and interact with the audience across various demographics. Through it, businesses could humanize their brand and truly engage their potential customers. 

To truly ace the marketing game in 2020, it is important to win over the users with genuine engagement and Instagram does that for the brands in many ways. Use the above Instagram tricks to give a boost to your marketing and ensure maximum engagement as well as conversions. 

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