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10 Result-Driven Tips for E-Commerce Website to Engage More Audience

10 Result-Driven Tips for E-Commerce Website to Engage More Audience

Do you know that the number of digital buyers will increase to 2.1 billion by the next year from 1.66 billion in 2016? But 61% of the online shoppers did not complete their purchase as the logo trusts were missing.

What do these stats and numbers indicate? Any guesses? 

First, it points out that the number of online buyers is incredibly exceeding and the numbers will upsurge in the coming years. Well, this is a positive implication for sure for all those associated with the e-commerce business.

Now let’s flip this picture. 80% of the customers abandon an e-commerce website because of a bad or poor experience. 

You can create a positive impact on the minds of your target audience. Plus, you can compel customers to return to your e-commerce website development to make a huge difference. Just implement the top 10 proven techniques to enhance your customer engagement.

Build a logical structure with adequate white space

You know that products and images are the major attractions of your website. But you also need to note that their placement and position play a similarly important role in gaining the attention span of your target audience.

Make sure that the products aren’t placed too close to one another that provides a clumsy look to the website.

The best-recommended option is implementing the visual hierarchy method where you organize the products in such an attractive way that looks eye-catching and makes the search process easier.

How to implement visual hierarchy

The visual hierarchy has to do with banners and product images, including the content and call-to-action. You need to focus on three important factors such as size, contract, and whitespace.

For instance, do not add whitespace between the images and the content. You need to especially focus on the category page section where the products can look more cluttered.

Accelerating the website speed and responsiveness

Do you feel that the loading speed of your e-commerce website has slowed down over time? Remember, 53% of people do not turn up to a website due to slow loading times. With an array of options, they might turn up on your competitor’s website as well.

The slowness of your website can even impact on the e-commerce SEO as well. So, if you want to engage more customers, you need to optimize the speed.

There are a number of ways to improve your website speed. First, you can compress the size of the files and images with the help of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS programs. Secondly, you need to avert using the render-block JavaScript and third decrease the URL directs.

Relevant and straightforward content

You need to ensure that your website and content is highly relevant, user-friendly, and well organized. You need to pay specific attention to navigation, dropdowns, and checkout process. Don’t confuse your customers during the product search and reduce the drop-off opportunities during the checkout process.

Using an array of content types

The best way to gain the attention of your audience is using a diverse set of content such as videos, charts, GIFs, and infographics, apart from the text. For example, you can add product reviews and manual videos to share it across different social media platforms.

This particular step helps to generate more organic traffic to your website and also spreads word of mouth across the audience.

Additional internal links

If you are adding internal links to other pages and products, you are encouraging visitors to buy products from your site. For instance, you can simply add an option ‘Products You May Like’ or People Also Brought. This will tempt the customer to add more products into their shopping cart.

Updating your content

It is important to update your content on a regular basis so as to provide it with a fresh look. The upgrades also allow you to grab information from the target audience and market your products.

Discounts and attractive coupons are also part of the content upgrade. In addition, you can offer a free buyer guide on the latest range of products.

Write catchy call-to-actions 

Call-to-actions help to garnish your content with a clear, concise action that your audience should take. Your CTAs must be compelling and not something like ordering the user to buy the product. Adding small CTAs such as Learn More or Add to the Cart is an effective way to prompt your customers to take specific actions.

Make the website search interactive 

Streamline the search facilities for the customers. Your users should easily find a product that they are looking for. You can enable your website with site search functions to provide interactive search benefits. You can thus predict what your users are looking for and make viable suggestions accordingly.

Implementing chatbots

Chatbots have gained momentum with 40% of millennials using it on a daily basis. One amazing chatbot feature that has become popular amid uses is the 24-hour service. Chatbots help to personify your brand and provide customers with real-time interaction facilities without any human presence.

Build a customized 404 pages

Custom 404 pages serve the same as CTAs to take customers to relevant content. This usually happens when you remove an item from the stock or it isn’t available. You can direct customers to similar pages or products then.

Ending up

So, now that you are familiar with the top ten e-commerce website engagement tips, it’s time to implement the same. In addition, keep updating your website to improve loading speed and add engaging content. 

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