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7 blogging tips before starting a blog in 2020!

7 blogging tips before starting a blog in 2020!

In 2020, if you are making up your mind to start a blog, then these seven pro blogging tips will help you to succeed in your blogging journey.

We are in a brand new decade, right!

In this decade, all of us should go through according to the changes.

There are a lot of techniques that have collapsed, and some new methods have been introduced to take place.

So, instead of using the same boring grey hat techniques, you should follow some existing as well new methods freshly and expertly.

In this article, I have covered how you can apply the different blogging techniques in the right way so that your blogging journey will be more successful.

The Top 7 Blogging Tips

These blogging tips are essential for beginners. However, if you are an experienced blogger and trying to jump into another niche, then still these blogging tips will help you out.

Blogging Tip#1: Choose the right niche

The first blogging tip for your blogging journey is choosing the right niche

Only picking a niche that you think better for blogging is not enough to create an impact.

It will be great if you have any passion, but don’t stick with it for blogging if you want to build a business.

Now blogging is not limited to passion or hobby; it’s all about business in 2020.

So, do some research on the passion you have, like how you can solve the problems that people have in your industry.

Once you outlined your capabilities to solve the industries’ major problems, measure the competition.

Neither you should enter in a high-competition niche nor a low search volume niche.

You should enter yourself in a medium or low competition and high search volume niche to dominate on.

Now you have some ideas of your niches, so you should do some measurements about the profitability of your niche.

Once you found your niche profitable, do a test drive on social media. Write a few short content around 200-300 words, and post on different groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.

See engagements and how people love your content.

Blogging Tip#2: Target the Right Audience

Blogging is all about interacting with the audience. If you don’t target a specific audience for your content, then you will lose them soon.

When you create your content specifically for your targeted audience, the audience can easily connect with your content, and in the results, they convert.

So after having a specific niche, set up your different promotional materials like various tools, affiliate products, digital courses, pdf, and so on. 

Then specify a specific audience for each promotional material. So, whenever your target audience lands your website, you can show them the products based on their interest.

Blogging Tip#3: Set up Blog Like a Pro

Blogging is not a one day game; it takes passion, consistency, hard work, and dedication.

So, you will have to set up your blog with a long term vision. 

All you can do is, look around your competitors’ blogs and discover how they are doing what you want to do.

See what they are promoting on their blog, what kind of content they are producing, and how their audiences are interacting with their content.

Once you have a proper outline of what you want, arrange your ideas on your blog. 

Write some pillar posts on your main categories and make it a cornerstone article using the Yoast SEO tool.

Add some informational content about your blog on the home page so that when people visit your site, they will easily understand what your blog is about.

Blogging Tip#4: Make a Content strategy

Producing quality content on time is the required strategy. Since the beginning of your blogging journey, you will have to build a plan to create content regularly.

Plan to write for your blog content as well as for the others’ blogs.

At the beginning of your blogging journey, you should write less for your blog and focus on creating more content for guest posting.

Decide a day of every week to produce content for your blog, and for the rest of the days of the month, you should promote them using guest posting strategy.

This strategy should not be applied for more than three months.

After exactly three months, you should follow 50/50 rules like producing your own blog content for 15 days of a month and for guest posting the other 15 days of the month.

You can use different content planner tools like Coschedule, Airtable,, and so on to organize your content.

Blogging Tip#5: Use the Right Graphic Sources

In 2020 and later, graphics copyrights have become a sensitive issue for the digital world.

It’s a serious crime when someone uses a copyrighted graphic on their blog or website.

So, the question is, how the new bloggers can afford copyrighted images on their posts if they don’t have a budget?

The solution to this issue is they should find some free stock libraries from where they can get their images or vector graphics.

Pixabay, Pexel, StockSnap, Unsplash, Resthost can be free graphic resources for your blog.

You can use their images for free without giving them any kind of credit that is great for a start.

Blogging Tip#6: Do a Promotional Planning

Without promotion, nothing can be sold. So, as I said, blogging is all about business now; therefore, you should make a promotional strategy for your blog posts.

In a promotional plan, you can add social shares, blog commenting, guest posting, forum participation, and so on.

Guest posting is one of the hardest things in blog post promotional activities.

Therefore guest posting is still considered a long term strategy to create backlinks that have top priority in the eyes of Google.

Plan how you can feature yourself on top publications such as Forbes, entrepreneur, business insider, or the major publications in your industry.

Blogging Tip#7: Monetize Your Contents Properly

Every blog that is investing money is expecting money. 

Professional bloggers take it seriously to be active consistently so that they produce quality content regularly; they invest their money.

With a proper plan, they also earn money from their investment.

There are some top-notch monetizing techniques available to make money from the blog.

The number one method to monetize a blog is creating digital products such as video courses, pdf courses, podcast subscriptions, SAAS, and so on.

Another method of monetization is, you can do affiliate marketing. 

You can become an affiliate of different digital or physical products, digital or physical services, tools, and more.

You can also monetize your blog using different ad networks like Adsense, Infolinks, PopAds, etc.

According to your niche and your targeted audiences, you can choose one or multiple monetizing techniques to make money from your blog. 


From the start of your blogging journey, you should go through strategically. 

Choosing the right niche for your blog is the first step of your strategy.

So, make sure you are able to come up with a great niche that profits you in the long term.

Narrow down your selected niche and target a specific audience and then set up your blog accordingly.

Blogging requires consistency, so make a content strategy to produce quality content regularly with proper graphics implementation.

From the start of producing quality content for your blog, you should also promote them using different promotional techniques.

Once you start getting traffic to your blog, it’s time to monetize using different monetizing methods.

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