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Easy Steps To Find The Time-Saving Electrical Estimating Software

Easy Steps To Find The Time-Saving Electrical Estimating Software

As an electrical professional you are aware that the tools and technology you use to run your business are critical to your success. Today, technology has completely revolutionized the way the business operates including electrical estimating which is considered one of the most important jobs to be undertaken. Also, it is a time-consuming process that could take days to complete. To save yourself a productive time and energy in the estimating process, you should look for technology-advanced software for estimating.

The right software will streamline the business operations, promote efficiency and fosters accuracy while providing the essential details to your customers to make an informed decision and move forward on a project. Use of the software simplified the lengthy process of estimating how long it will entirely take the time to do the job and made a more precise business operation

However, choosing the wrong electrical software for estimating could let you repent forever, not just because of the high cost but because it can make your business even less sufficient. Luckily, there are ways to electrical businesses and independent professionals can follow when looking for productive electrical engineering software.

Process to select the right software

While the process for electrical estimating as well as the power factor correction technique may differ from business to business, however, underlying principles will be the same. Choose the software that fits rightly into your workflow and make estimates, quicker, easier and more accurate than your existing manual software.

To make the software selection process easier, you must evaluate the individual features of each software that you’re considering for your business. While it’s easy to fall in the love with the tool and technology that the most tech-advanced features, but that may not compliment your business requirements. So, how do you check each software programming feature practically? By trying the free trial options you can do a rigorous comparison of the features and their potential to save time while estimates with 100% accuracy.

Key factors to consider when choosing an estimating software

When evaluating electrical software take a look at the below-mentioned key considerations before making any final decision.

Ease of use

This should be on top of your list when looking for estimating software. While testing each software try to find the answers to the questions below:

  • How long the software will take to set up the estimating software?
  • How long it will take to train employees on the use of software?
  • Does the software need IT professional support to be operational?

Increased productivity

The purpose of any software, especially electrical estimating is to increase work productivity. Hence, any software you come across should be able to increase your efficiency by:

  • Improving data & document storage
  • Offering mobile estimates solutions
  • Work both online and offline


No matter how accurate the electrical software performs the electrical installation estimation task, the cost will always be a big part of the negotiation. Businesses whether small or large have set budget parameters. So before making the decision, get the answer to the below questions:

  • Is there any additional or ongoing cost for support require?
  • What will be the expected downtime during the implementation or training on the software?

With a complete picture of the price, you can then figure out the expected ROI. However, by paying a little more to purchase the software that will improve your business efficiencies- including the ability to increase the sales and streamline the business operation, a higher cost may worth a valuable tool.

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