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What do you know about service marketplaces? The marketplace is not exactly placing, its hub of service vendors and provider from where a person can hire them according to their needs. The service provider completes the job and the demanding party pays for the received service. Now, this scenario has reached another level. The service provider got a new platform to sell their services on the internet.

Now, the most trending businesses are app-based, similar to the service marketplaces. All around the world, there are some leading service marketplaces who are providing their outstanding services to all of their customers. Actually, it’s not them who are providing services; it’s the service providers and professionals who are selling their services through marketplaces. Marketplaces are the medium to connect the demanding party or the customer with the service providers.

Not only they are beneficial for the customers, but they also even provide multiple benefits to the various industries.

  • With the help of marketplaces, the industries and working companies get alternate channels through which they can generate leads
  • The marketplace handles all the billing as well as the payment process. The service provider just has to serve their client with their quality services.
  • With the help of the marketplace’s mobile apps, the service provider can monitor their schedule while out on jobs.

Here we have a list of service marketplace that worth considering.

  • Handy

Handy is the home service marketplace. People who are looking for home-based services, handy is the perfect place to find the service providers. The services are of plumbing, handyman, electrical, and house cleaning.

  • Take Lessons

Take lessons is study based marketplace from where students can directly connect with the teachers all around the world. All they have to do is just select the lesson they are looking for their studies as well as their locality. The demanding person will get the list of teachers who are expert in that same lesson.

Once the request is accepted by the local teacher, he or she can select the place for the classes to begin. As per as the discussion between the teacher and the student, the location can be anywhere. Either on the video chat or at the student’s location. Take lessons, there are more than 500 subjects that include different streams like music, fitness, language, sports, medical health as well as arts.

  • MyTime

Basically, it is an appointment scheduling platform that helps in books an appointment between the service provider and the consumer. Here, a consumer can find more than 70 different types of service categories including health and wellness, automotive, dental health, pet care, sports and many more. The consumers are charged at the time of appointment scheduling.

MyTime has their own synchronized that help customers to check the availability of the service provider to whom they have elected.

  • Thumbtack

It is one of the best service marketplaces that collaborate with local vendors and professionals to provide services to consumers. There is no count of their services. You can explore it on your own.

A Service Marketplaces Business

Why become a service provider when you can run your own marketplace. All you need one thumbtack clone app and just a simple market so that service provider can become your partners. Start your own service marketplace with a thumbtack clone app and earn like a boss.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.