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Think Size and Looks don’t Matter When it Comes to Lash Boxes? Think Again

Think Size and Looks don’t Matter When it Comes to Lash Boxes? Think Again

The way eyelashes are packaged says a lot about the brand, company, and the product itself. Gone are the days when products were packaged only for convenient storage and protection. Today, custom lash boxes are leveraged to entice customers and createa strong brand identity.

Your customers can instantly recognize quality packaging as soon as they see it. And this explains the difference between the making and breaking of a brand.  

On the contrary, designing great lash boxes don’t need to be all that difficult. In fact, the process can be really rewarding and exciting, given you ardently follow some important rules. Besides being practical for storage and shipping, your custom lash packaging design should also align with your marketing strategy.

In a few words, looks and size certainly matter when it comes to lash boxes. Here are some top facts one should remember. 

Influences Buying Behavior

Though many customers and even economists are of the view that the buyer of a product is a rational person. However, research and experience reveal that an average customer is more emotional than rational. This means emotions play a key role in an individual’s decision-making process.   

An ideal lash box appeals to the emotions of the target audience. As a matter of fact, it works as an advertisement. This clearly shows the significance of design that includes fonts, images, colors, and information.

Helps Create a Loyal Base 

Since packaging greatly influences the way buyers perceive a product, it’s critical to understand how your intended audience shops, and what they want. Below are a few important tips that can help you attract and create a loyal base of customers through attractive packaging:  

Customers appreciate durable packaging because these containers can be used for other purposes once the encased product is consumed. For example, a jar of jam can be utilized to store sugar or spices once the jam is consumed.

Instant product information helps customers know what the product is about, how they can use it and when it’ll expire. They can know all that and more simply by reading the information printed on the packaging.

Using sustainable packaging has become one of the hottest trends across the globe. Thanks to environmentally conscious customers, more brands are adopting green packaging. It’s cost-effective and easy to source.  

A novel design can help your product to stand out in the crowded retail space. In the fiercely competitive market, it’s important to stick out if you want to boost your sales and grow your business. But, don’t overdo this because it may look odd. 

Perfect Size for Storage and Transportation

When you talk about packaging, size matters for three good reasons. To start with, the more compact your lash boxes are, the less your cost will be—in terms of manufacturing as well as transporting. Secondly, a bespoke or compact size makes it easier to use and store.

Last but not least, people appreciate the right size and research has proved that. According to the study, a lot of empty space in the packaging is professed as a deceitful act because when there is too much space for the contents customers feel cheated.

Tested Packaging Ensures Quality

A bench test of bespoke lash packaging before the launch of your product ensures the best quality and how it appeals to the limited customers first. Alike other aspects of life, various trends are observed in the packaging and marketing world. Businesses can outshine their competition by staying on top of these trends. 

While research regarding your target demographics may cost time and money, there is no denying the fact it should never be underestimated. Knowing what trend is fast taking shape and what trend is fading away will allow your firm to adjust and boost its sales at a rapid pace. Since the design is largely an art, it’s best to gain professional help such as the Legacy Printing that manufactures quality custom printed lash boxes and offer design services. 

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