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5 Things to Learn and do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

5 Things to Learn and do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Seeking adventure in the world has never been better. If you are booking your ticket to Chiang Mai, Thailand, then you want to think twice about booking a return ticket. Thailand prides itself on a rich culture, mountainous landscape, and plenty of activities. From the desert bike tour to Buddhist temples, from city walks to scenic sightseeing, and much more. As a foreigner or a resident seeking to engage in learning and effective participation in Thailand’s endless activities, you are on the right path. Walk with me as we explore some of the great things you can engage in while in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

1.Thai Traditional Yantra Tattoo

Are you an ink lover seeking to add a meaningful cultural tattoo on your skin. There are several different patterns of Traditional Thai Yantra tattoos.they all feature deity designs, animals, or geometry symbols. Yantra tattoos are believed to bring good fortune to the wearer, protection from bad luck, among other many benefits. What would make the experience better than getting it from the best? Arjan Sompong is 15 years experienced Yantra tattoo master. Given that he was a monk for five years, he is sure to give you advice on Yantra tattoos and suggest the best suited for your aura. However, you can still decide for yourself. At the end of the tattoo, you will receive a blessing from the master. This is one of the coolest things to do in Chiang Mai.

2. Teaching English in Thailand

Research proves that Thailand has the highest demand for foreign teachers than any continent in the world. How better does it get than working in a place where you can have all the adventure and fun in the world. Here are some of the things to know about teaching jobs in Thailand. If you wish to embark on a teaching journey in Thailand, you have the freedom to choose your location and subject of choice. Teaching English is the best way to thrive in that industry. You’ll have more and better opportunities as an English teacher than in any other field. As an English native, you’ll be delighted to teach English abroad. Grab your resume today and become an English teacher in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

3. Traditional Thai Massage

Take a stroll in the streets of Chiang Mai, and you might end up in a massage parlour. A massage in a foreign land is relaxing, especially after a thrilling adventure like the desert bike tour or hiking in the mountainous Chiang Mai. Furthermore, what’s better than a massage from a masseuse who talks less but delivers the most intense therapy. This is a Chiang Mai beauty. The masseuse here is more of a therapist. They use their thumbs, knees, elbows, or even walk on you. They ensure you get the full-body stretch. You never want to go back home after the Thai massage.

4. Be Friend with the Elephant 

If you are in love with the animal, this Elephant Nature Park is a must for you. This camp is an animal-friendly place without boundaries. You can interact with them, they are very relaxed and friendly because of the natural environment of the park. Also, you can learn more about the facts and history of Thailand’s hero and mascot here. The park is located one hour away from the heart of Chiang Mai city.

5. Thai Massaman Curry

The Thai massaman curry is made entirely from scratch. The most exciting part about the curry it is purely homemade. A large number of people who travel to Chiang Mai experience a taste of this rich and flavourful Thai massaman curry. It is made of either lamb, chicken, or beef with nuts and lemongrass together. Other crucial ingredients include coconut milk and bay leaves incorporated by the fragrant yellow curry. This dish is best served on a winter night or chilly fall. Serve with saffron rice, coconut rice, or plain jasmine rice.

Anyone travelling to Chiang Mai, Thailand, always brings back an unforgettable experience. The place is full of adventure for a short visit—at least plan for weeks or a month to exploit the richness of its culture and beautiful sceneries. Take a trip to Chiang Mai and make the most out of it.

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