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Things you should know about Armenia

Things you should know about Armenia

Armenia is famous for its hospitable people, high-quality food, safe and affordable living conditions. But there is a number of other things you, most probably, are not familiar with even if you’ve already visited the country in the past.  Rent a car in Armenia and explore the most interesting things about this country. 

Starting from the most renown facts, it should be noted that Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion in 301 AD. Although Christianity was spread into the country even long before that, it was Tiridates III of Armenia to make it an official religion of the country. 

Even till nowadays, the majority of Armenians identify themselves as Apostolic Christians and there are numerous monasteries and churches around Armenia which will amaze you with their magical atmosphere. Being one of the most significant events in Armenian history, it, definitely, had its impact for Armenians. 

What Language is Spoken in Armenia?

Armenians speak and write in Armenian, which is an Indo-European language and the only one in Armenian branch. The alphabet itself will leave you surprised, because the letters look unique- not similar to any other languages, which makes it impossible to encode for foreigners. 

It has an interesting history, too. In the Middle ages, being a small country located between Sasanian and Byzantine Empires and after its’ division between the two, there was a basic need to create something that would have maintained the Armenian culture and would have helped the nation to survive.  Therefore, the invention of Armenian letters around 405 AD was the keystone helping the small country to maintain its relative autonomy while being divided into two. The alphabet was invented by Mesrop Mashtots. Moreover, according some legends, he was also the creator of Georgian alphabet, which is a matter of various debates.  

The Pink City

Armenia’s capital is Yerevan– called also the pink city. Being one of the oldest cities in the world it will amaze you with its architecture and construction, nice weather, affordable prices, and definitely with Armenian people- always hospitable and warm. 

However, what many curious people might have missed is that the city can be an interesting spot for Soviet modernism architecture lovers, since it hosts a number of exceptional Soviet-period buildings. Overall, with its vibrant and comfortable atmosphere, it offers many opportunities to people with various preferences. From high-quality food to unexpectedly good nightlife, from big nice parks to museums, Yerevan will always make you feel as if you’re home. 

 Pink City

Armenia today

For years, Armenia was famous for the high-quality cognac being the best in the region. However, Armenia today opens an entirely new world for wine-lovers offering various types of wines with rich tastes. Along with the oldest wineries in the world, a number of good wine factories are continuously opening around the country, while simultaneously new “wineries”- small cafes offering innumerable choices of wine, are gaining more and more popularity both among locals and visitors. 

longest Cable Car in the World

However, aside from Yerevan, Armenia has all the chances to amaze and surprise you with its breathtaking nature. Moreover, in one of the most beautiful spots is located the longest Cable car in the world. “Wings of Tatev”- a 7.5 km cableway constructed in Syunik Province, near Tatev monastery, which set a Guinness World Record for the longest non-stop working aerial tramway. It has the possibility to accommodate around 240 passengers per hour allowing them to see the magical surroundigs of Tatev.  

longest Cable Car

And finally, one of the most surprising and interesting social phenomena about Armenians is that the diaspora- “Spyurk” is estimated to be bigger than the population living in Armenia. Although you will hardly meet any Armenian not talking about their love for the country, most of the Armenians live in other countries. While around 7.000.000 Armenians live abroad, only approximately 3.000.000 live in Armenia. 

However, along with interesting historical and demographic facts, there is also a number of other cool things about Armenia, which will never stop surprising you. From adventure and gastro-tourism to hiking and museum visiting, the reasons to visit the country are numerous on contrary to the excuses of not visiting it. In order not to miss anything, it is always better to travel by car. 

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