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Things to keep in mind before renovating your office

Things to keep in mind before renovating your office

Office renovation in mind and you are wondering, what needs to be done before someone comes up and starts working using hammer & nails while disturbing the whole office’s harmony? There are few things that needs a deep consideration before you start renovating your office.

It is a well-known fact that the ambience, layout or décor of any office directly or indirectly impacts employee productivity and helps in maintaining positive workplace culture. So, it becomes a mandate to check out if your office needs a transformation to inspire and motivate your employee along with providing your clients a welcoming environment. To have a successful renovation, there are few key points that should be on office renovation checklist to keep everyone happy before, during and after it’s over.

Purpose of Renovation

First of all, find out the purpose for renovation and ask yourself, does renovation can bring the changes you want, or relocation will be the better option? Is there any type of obstacles either physical or financial that can impact in successful completion of renovation? Are the renovations can provide opportunities for new employees or partnerships? Once you have answers to all the questions than decide the goal behind your purpose. Is it to increase company morale and employee happiness, or to take advantage of emerging design trend that has already helped other organizations in achieving their growth and business goals? Once you have found the reason, keep it in mind and don’t let it get sideways or distracted. Often, office renovations move towards other things which is not related to the set goal. Be careful and met the basic goal first, before moving towards other secondary things.

Depending on your purpose, office renovation may require a lot of effort, time and money, so deciding a clear purpose and planning accordingly is crucial.

Layout is important

Once you have decided the purpose, next comes layout. Style matters and can make a big impact on productivity along with functionality, safety and comfort. Remember, every inch matter, so consider your entire office space, including employee spaces, storage spaces, garages as well as the curb side. Also, remember tearing out walls creates the open design concept, but one question you need to ask yourself is how expensive it will be to revise the present structure. Because duct work, plumbing, and electrical systems are costly to relocate, so find out the ways to achieve your design goals without moving infrastructures.

Budget & Timeline

Budgeting is vital, set a realistic and sensible budget otherwise the cost of renovation can be extra expensive and near crippling in the lack of specific budget. Make a list of things that will add on to your organization’s profit. A renovation period can be a long and demanding process, especially if it is spread over months or quarters, it can be more frustrating to the employee as well as the employer. For an effective renovation you can start working on small patches while making small sectional changes over time. You can paint your walls first and then get the new lighting later on, similarly upgrading computers or laptops can be more urgent than upgrading the office furniture. Think deeply and plan wisely before you start the renovation.

Future and Vision

Make sure future vision of the firm and your current plan for office renovation goes hand in hand. For example, do check if the space is flexible enough to accommodate your future changes. With right plan and resources on your side, redesigning your office space will be fun and an exciting investment important for the success of your company.

Research Designers and Contractors

Once you are done with finding the purpose, deciding layout, budget and timeline, its time to select a designer or contractor to start the renovation. It is one of the biggest decisions because the success of your renovation is in the hand of designers only. Don’t select in haste, do proper market research, check out their previous works, customer satisfaction, innovative thinking as well as the reviews, do compare the costs and after a proper cost analysis select the perfect one that suits your budget and fulfil the requirements.

An experienced contractor will easily evaluate your office space and give you a free estimate. Select the contractor, keeping in mind that a contractor should be an active participant throughout the process, and should communicate you with accurate budgets, design drawings as well as progress reports. It is good to know that your contractor is as excited about the project as you are, to deliver the best results.

Communicate Plan to Employees & gather input.

Communicate to your employees as soon as possible about your Office renovation plans. Even if the work is not impacted or you don’t plan closing office during the process let them know when construction will be taking place and how their work will impact. The final success of your renovation process will be decided by your employee’s satisfaction and how comfortable they are while operating in their new digs. Your employee may take time to adjust with the changes, but your duty is to keep them informed and trained on new space and technology that’s now available for them.

To go a step further, you can also take suggestions from employees, they know the layout and flow of space better, and there may be few elements that they would like to change if they were in charge of the design. Discuss the goals of renovation with them, gather suggestions and try to incorporate their ideas in the design. It will boost employee’s confidence, they will feel important part of the company and on the other hand you will get some of the amazing ideas.

Start the Renovation

You have followed the process, planned, hired, examined and approved. It’s time to go ahead and start the renovation. Make sure the information flow between all the team involved is open and clear. All information should flow properly between internal project manager, designing team and construction crew.

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