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The Golden Triangle Tour India – An Ultimate Guide for Travelers

The Golden Triangle Tour India – An Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Planning a Golden Triangle Tour of India and don’t know where to start? Here I am sharing and ultimate guide that may help you to get the best India’s Golden Triangle tour experiences. If you have never visited India before then this journey can be a little difficult for you so read this ultimate Golden Triangle tour guide and prepare yourself for this incredible journey.

What is the Golden Triangle India

The Golden Triangle is one of the most famous tourist routes in India which contains the three most popular cities Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. These three cities make a triangle shape in the Indian map and situated around 250-270 kilometers from each other, this is why it is known as the Golden Triangle of India. But the name and the triangle shape doesn’t make this tour popular. What makes this tour famous, is inside these cities.

What Time Would Be Better to Visit

Regarding the climate, the ideal time to go for visiting the Golden Triangle of India is from October to April, in the event that you need to maintain a strategic distance from the agonizing warmth of the mid-year and the storm of the rainstorm season. We were there toward the start of February and keeping in mind that everyday temperatures were somewhere close to 22-25°C, it was very cold during the evenings – winter temperatures can dip under 10°C. Sadly, in the winter months, air contamination rises and brings the exhaust cloud, particularly around Delhi. In this way, I’d preferably picked March for visiting in the event that I was you.

How Much Time Would You Need in Exploring The Golden Triangle

When you see this triangle in the Indian map, it will seem like you can explore this within three days only but, it is not the reality. However, these three cities are situated close to each other but due to heavy traffic in India, you will spend 6 hours to drive around 200 kilometers. So I would hardly recommend you book 5 Day/ 4 Night itinerary to explore the Golden Triangle of India on the fullest.  

How to Travel Between Golden Triangle Cities

You can visit the Golden Triangle either via personal vehicle, transport, train or plane. The least demanding path is to contract a driver through a well-known agency as we did. He was our “shadow friend” during the entire outing – he got us the air terminal and dropped us off for the arrival flight. Contracting a driver in India is a decent choice for a few reasons: the administration is generally modest, the drivers are truly solid and regardless of whether you choose to take a neighborhood flight despite everything you need to get to every one of the attractions. In the event that I needed to do it once more, I would likely consider picking an arrival-departure from Jaipur to Delhi.

How to Choose Right Travel Guide and Drivers

The best way to choose the right travel guide and driver for your Golden Triangle Tour in India is to contact a well-known travel agency as they have professional tour guides and multi-language skilled drivers. We found our guides and drivers from Leisure India Holidays and we were really satisfied with their provided amenities and services. 

Where to Stay During the Golden Triangle Trip

Well, if you have a lot of money to spend then we would recommend you book 5-Star hotels to stay in each Golden Triangle city to avoid stomach problems because lower-class hotel’s food can cause many stomach diseases, especially hygiene is a big issue in India.

But in case you have tight pockets, there are many other affordable options available in Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur that serve with fine amenities and good quality food options. Some of them include Dwarka Hotel in Delhi, Crystal Sarovar Premiere in Agra, and Ramada Hotel Jaipur which we booked during our journey. 

We would also recommend you book your accommodations in advance, especially during peak seasons because Golden Triangle sights get packed with tourists in seconds.

How to Avoid Getting Sick in India

As we mentioned above that Hygiene is a serious problem in India, you too can be targeted by it so always keep some necessary medicines if you have weak digestion. Alway drink bottled water instead of tap water, wash your hand all the time, eat light food instead of heavy street food.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

India is a very religious nation so it is exhorted for the women to dress properly. There are no confinements in any case and you will see a great deal of half-stripped ladies (generally voyagers) meandering around yet on the off chance that you are getting stared at least cover your shoulders. The most exquisite path is to wear a scarf and not very tight pants. In case you are traveling as a solo woman, we encourage you to adhere to these standards all the more cautiously in light of the fact that there is an abnormal state of savagery against ladies in India.

So this is my small effort for all the travelers who are planning a Golden Triangle Tour in India for the first time. Following these guidelines may help you in exploring India’s Golden Triangle without facing much trouble. If you loved reading this guide then share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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