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Teens and Technology Addiction – A Complete Guide for Parents

Teens and Technology Addiction – A Complete Guide for Parents

Are your children tech-addicted? If yes, then we recommend installing the best kid safety app. Keep reading more insights.

Today, most children own the latest gadget, and undoubtedly their techno speak can leave you pulling your hair. Alarmingly, the love for screens distract teens’ attention instead of enabling their studies.

James Steyer, founder, and chief executive of Common-Sense Media, rightly said, ‘Digital gizmos have transformed people’s lives. It has changed the parent-kid relationship, human interaction, and ability to focus on the important tasks.’

So, if you are one of those parents whose children are avoiding summon and neglecting your concern and advice, consider reading this article. 

Here, we take a sneak peek at the internet and technology addiction in kids and its resolution using parental control apps.

Children and Tech Addiction:

Digital obsession is an irresistible urge of using the internet. It hinders the routine activities of an individual. 

Excessive usage of social media, games, watching uncensored videos, and feeling impatient when the smartphone is not handy – are signs of internet addiction disorder.

What Is the Root Cause of Smartphone Obsession?

  • Shyness and anxiety: Kids who find difficulty in communicating with people, easily escape on the internet. Such children consider the web net as a secure portal where they can make friends without face-to-face talks. They freely express their identity and reveal the personality, which they may not reflect it in their real life.
  • The tendency to create new friends: Friends are always an important part of everyone’s life.  A child tries to showcase their talent using the digital platform amongst friends who are ready to spend prolonged hours on screens.
  • Depression: Distressed kids seek some attention and pleasure. Time spent on the internet lets children forget their sorrow, and they feel they are heard.

Symptoms of Technology Addiction:

  • Attention seeker and urge of posting: When your child seeks everybody’s attention, they are on their toes to post or share their activities. And, in the later stage, they will check the number of likes and comments on their posts.
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): It is social anxiety and a desire to stay connected with other’s lives. 

FOMO is a fear of regret which directs the child to a compulsive concern where they miss an opportunity for social media interaction, a novel experience, or any satisfying event.

  • Avoiding real-life relationships and occasions: When your child is avoiding family occasions and providing excuses to stay alone, it means they want to perform various activities on a digital platform (Well, you can allow your kid staying at home without an internet connection!).

If children are busy in making and following friends and associated with different online communities, keep a watch on them because they are heading towards obsession.

Effects of Cyberspace On Teens:

  • Psychological and health problems: Numerous physical and mental health problems are caused by smartphone obsession which includes:
  • Aggression and anxiety
  • Sleeping and eating disorder
  • Lack of empathy
  • Uncontrollable craving of technology
  • Loneliness and depression
  • Obesity
  • Dry eyes, myopia, blindness
  • Cognitive function disorder – memory loss, a problem in learning and focusing, etc
  • Disturbed real-life relations and imbalance family life: 

When the child is obsessed with the device screen, a parent will undergo a few experiences like ignoring summons, avoiding self-responsibilities, and careless approach. These activities will spoil the parent-kid relationships and disturb everyone’s life.

  • Breach of trust:

Tech-addicted children can lie to their parents about various things like their whereabouts, project submission dates, homework completion, scorecards, etc.

  • Online obsession leads to distraction:

You might have observed people walking into poles, walls, or mall fountains when they are focused on their smart gadgets.

While talking about children, they cannot concentrate on their studies and on the other way, constant use of mobiles may lead them to see and use pornography apps and dating websites.

How to Confront Kids Online Addiction?

Child monitoring app is the one-stop solution to mitigate and gradually eliminate smartphone obsession.

  • With kids’ safety app parents can fix the hours of using multiple applications on a child’s device. You can also set curfew hours on bedtime, which will shut the running app on a kid’s phone automatically.
  • Protect your teens from inappropriate content by blocking harmful applications.
  • You can even hinder kids from installing a new application with good parental control software.
  • Don’t let children speak lie about their whereabouts. Parents can easily trace their locations with GPS tools. Additionally, Bit Guardian has Speed Limit feature to keep a check on the child’s driving speed and to teach them road etiquette.
  • If anyone is harassing your child (maybe an online stalker or a bully), you can also block the known and unknown callers.

Other features:

  • Child tracking application helps kids during emergencies. Panic and SOS alert sends the exact location and notification on the parent’s phone. Moreover, if you cannot reach your child, add another responsible person as a guardian who will take care of them in unforeseen situations.
  • If the device gets stolen, no need to panic. The Anti-Theft tool enables parents in finding the missing device by making a ring or tracking on a map. It can also protect from the misuse of data using the Factory Reset tool.
  • Bit Guardian Parental Control has Kiosk Mode, which provides indirect control to parents on kid’s app usage. Here, you can choose the number of applications your child should access, and Kiosk Mode will create a new launcher of those selected applications on kid’s device.

Don’t neglect tech addiction and do not waste much of your time; otherwise, your negligence may lead your child towards depression or other severe problems. So, it is better late than never — download one of the most trustworthy kids’ safety apps.

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