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5 Cool Tech Gadgets to Make Your Quarantine Better

5 Cool Tech Gadgets to Make Your Quarantine Better

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 2.2 million people with coronavirus worldwide as of 19 April 2020. If you are in quarantine or isolated due to coronavirus or any other reason, you can use new technology to help you feel entertained and make things much easier.

Which gadgets can you use when in isolation? The IconTech provides tech news for the most advance technological products. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the cool tech gadgets 2020 to make your quarantine better.

1. Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a body-borne computer (wearable) in the form of a wristwatch. They do things that your smartphone can’t and offer all the basic watch features. Smartwatches with new technology come with a touchscreen interface for daily use. Because it’s important to stay healthy when you are in quarantine, a smartwatch is an essential device. Many smartwatches come with a fitness tracking system as a core feature. This is designed to help users keep up with their fitness goals. A smartwatch can count steps, sleep, pulse rate, heart rate, calories, distance, and other important metrics that will help when you are in quarantine.

2. Smart Speaker System

A smart speaker is a kind of speaker and VCD (voice command device) that comes with an integrated virtual assistant designed to offer interactive actions together with hands-free activation triggered by one or more hot words. Smart speakers can also function as a smart gadget that uses Bluetooth or WI-Fi to extend usage past audio playback, including controlling home automation devices. This includes features like compatibility across various platforms and services, peer-to-peer connection through virtual assistants, mesh networking, and others. You can use smart speakers to control your smart home devices, including smart thermostats and smart light bulbs, which reduce the energy bill.

Without any routine or purpose when you are in isolation, it can hinder your independence, health, and mobility. A bored mind can result in frustration, loneliness, and depression. Smart speakers help you introduce order by encouraging you to complete a range of tasks, which could enhance the quality of your life.

3. Video games

Video games are one of the cool gadgets that can help you combat the potential psychological and social impacts of physical distancing. The World Health Organization launched #PlayApartTogether and partnered with major gaming studios to help people who are in quarantine. Video games can provide spaces for individuals to stay connected and get together. This is important when you are in isolation and feel isolated, anxious, and lonely.

4. Smart TV

A smart TV is a traditional TV set that comes with an integrated Internet and interactive Social Web features that allow you to view photos, play video games, browse the internet and stream videos and music without the need to subscribe to a satellite/cable service. Although smart TVs have their own remote controls, you can take advantage of their smartphone compatibility. This allows you to download an app and use your mobile phone as a remote control.

5. E-reader

When you are in quarantine, you can’t go to a library to read. Fortunately, many libraries have integrated electronic books into their systems, allowing you to borrow them online. You don’t have to return the eBooks. Once it’s due, you’ll lose the license, which gives some else a chance to read the book online.

With an e-reader, you can underline and take notes while reading. When you finish reading, you can export the notes and have a customized resume of the e-books you read. Lastly, an e-book allows you to read in various languages. If you don’t understand a word, click it and a window form the dictionary will pop up, showing the definition of that word.

Being in quarantine is difficult for many people, as they struggle with getting isolated from the outside world. The aforementioned cool gadgets can help you manage that struggle by making your life easier. You don’t have to be bored, depressed, or lonely just because you are in isolation.

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