Why to Choose DiDi’s Business Tool for Taxi Services?

Uber Clone

DiDi, formerly DiDi Kuaidi is a Chinese technology company streaming ride-hailing services, Artificial Intelligence and even autonomous technology. One of the largest companies of China that is providing their services in multiple countries like Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan and China, their mainland. DiDi is providing ride-hailing, private car hailing, social ride sharing, … Read more

The Best Ride-Hailing Services in Singapore

Singapore ride-hailing market

The basic and most essential public transport in any country is their taxi cabs mostly due to being readily available and cost quite reasonable. The on demand taxi apps have almost become a part of our daily lives as without them commutation is impossible. Why Online Taxi Apps Are Important Waving one’s hand for calling … Read more

Uber Taxi Clone Advanced features

call masking features

Uber Clone app is an amazing mobile app that provides taxi services. It is packed with outstanding features that solve many queries of riders and drivers. Call Masking Call masking is number hiding technique that is used in Uber Taxi Clone app. Through this feature, the contact number of both the parties i.e. driver as … Read more