selenium training
August 13, 2019
Best Things to Learn About Selenium Training

Nisha works in a banking domain. Her product streamlines business crucial workflows for banking organizations. Her product has difficult and complex workflows which are achieved by traversing through different forms and screens of the web application.

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advantage selenium training
August 9, 2019
Take Advantage Of Selenium Training

In recent times, there is improvement in the area of software engineering, applications are getting automated. Number of software system has been implemented as web-based applications which are very complex.

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selenium automation
August 6, 2019
Best Things about Selenium Automation Training

To understand and know more about Selenium – let’s hear a story first. Once upon a time there were manual testers and slowly, they got replaced by automation testers. Yes, this story goes way back to 2004 at ThoughtWorks in Chicago, where Jason Huggins build a core mode as “JavaScript Test Runner”

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automation testing
August 1, 2019
Benefits of Automation Testing Over Manual

Many will be having this question, especially those who don’t belong to development that why does the industry need automation? Well, the answer is simple, to reduce the repetitive tasks, faster results, cheaper, efficient, accuracy and the list goes on.

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