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Creating a Cohesive and Sustainable Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a Cohesive and Sustainable Content Marketing Strategy

Everyone is getting in on the online marketing game these days — and no wonder. With millions of e-commerce websites up and running, nearly 3 billion people using social media across the globe, and digital ads on track to claim two-thirds of all ad spending by 2023, the Internet has become the greatest retail channel available.

 Just because people are online doesn’t mean you can automatically gain access to them, however. 

Building a Content Marketing Strategy

If you want your business to tap into the power of online marketing, it’s important to start by creating a powerful, cohesive, and sustainable content strategy to apply across your various online marketing channels.

Your content strategy provides a solid base of online marketing collateral that you can use to increase brand awareness, establish yourself as an authority in your industry, and attract new customers. Here are some tips and tricks to help you build an effective content strategy.

Include a Variety of Content

It’s wise to survey your marketing options and decide what kind of content you should create for your particular online community. It’s always a good idea to create solid, evergreen content for your website, such as a plumber writing an article about how to clean out a clogged drain.

Along with this foundation of evergreen content, you should also create a strategy that integrates viral marketing campaigns that can take advantage of popular topics that are currently trending, such as the above plumber also writing an article about a water pollution crisis currently unfolding in the news.

This combination can create synergy. The evergreen and viral content play off of each other and provide more effective results.

Establish a Content Creation Schedule

Content creation is one of the most difficult marketing activities to structure. The creative aspect of composing text, images, and videos makes each bit of content a piece of art that must be carefully crafted before it’s ready for customers to see.

That’s why creating a content creation schedule can help you maintain momentum. You can use a workflow platform like Trello or Asana to help you organize your content strategy, bring your staff together in one virtual workplace, assign work, create deadlines, and generally keep your content creation moving forward at all times.

Lay Down Clear Online Marketing Guidelines

It’s always wise to create guidelines to help your content creation team stay on track. This avoids over-personalization seeping into your content. Having guidelines enables you to maintain a consistent voice and tone across all of your online marketing channels. Create the following documents to assist your employees::

  • A content approval process.
  • Content creation guidelines.
  • Brand voice and tone guidelines.
  • Company-wide grammar and punctuation rules.

Having these documents in place will help your staff create cohesive, consistent content.

Outsource and Delegate

Once you have clear direction, structure, and objectives for your content strategy, you may want to consider delegating or even outsourcing the actual creation of the content itself. This can take shape in a few different ways.

The simplest option is to delegate the content creation to a member of your staff. This can be an existing member with the required skills or a newly recruited employee such as a graphic designer or writer who you hire specifically to help with your content.

Another option is to hire a freelancer to help. A contractor allows you to tap into a professional level of service while saving on the costs of providing benefits and a full-time paycheck. You would hire a freelancer for a specific service such as content creation.

Finally, you can outsource the entire content creation business to a full-service agency. This can give you access to special perks that may not be available when working with a single staff member or a freelancer. A strategic content service may be able to create your requested content while simultaneously infusing it with an SEO-focus that optimizes it for search engines.

Maintaining a Content Marketing Strategy

If you take the time to create company guidelines, purposefully vary your content, establish a content schedule, and strategically outsource certain tasks, you will set your company up to maintain content consistency over the long term. These activities provide structural support to your content strategy, bringing a sense of cohesion and sustainability that can yield the best results for your online marketing efforts.

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