SuperShuttle airport ride services

Simply put, SuperShuttle is a cab service that allows people to share rides to the airport. It was originated when Mitch Rouse (who owns Yellow Cabs Los Angeles) realized that more often than not, people needed bigger vans (as opposed to small cars) when they wanted to reach the airport. This gave him the idea of starting a bright blue van service offering rides to people who wish to go to the airport.

But, it’s a big van, right? So, instead of carrying one passenger at a time, these lovely blue bubbles could offer ridesharing as an option. Ridesharing makes travel economical as well as comfortable and safe? That which started as a single city service (to LAX) has today grown into an airport ride service across 40 airports all over the US.

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SuperShuttle Reviews, How does it work?

SuperShuttle essentially allows people to book rides to and from the airport through their website or their mobile application. The users must simply log in to the app and put in their pick up location (If going to the airport) or Drop location (if coming from the airport). The system will automatically match you with an available van. Other people traveling in the same direction will be matched with you as well. This will allow the same van to pick up or drop multiple people together in the same van.


The app has gotten so popular so quickly because it is a very cost-effective option. Airports are usually not situated very close to residential areas. This means that when people have to go all the way to the airport, it will take a lot of time as well as a lot of money. So, when people start sharing rides, they are not only taking the high road with respect to environmentally safe option, they are also making a cheaper trip.

Scheduling Rides

The best thing about this app is that one can pre-schedule the rides. But that’s not all! The most high end and sophisticated feature of this application are that if you fill in your flight information while booking the cab, your pick up will automatically get adjusted in case your flight is delayed. Talk about digital sophistication!

Ride Options

People love having multiple options. Some like to share a ride, some want a private cab and others are looking for a completely luxurious experience. This is where SuperShuttle has also been able to win hearts. It offers 3 basic options:

Shared Van

If you book a shared van, the van will come to your location and pick you up along with a few others who are also heading to the airport and live in and around your area. It is an excellent opportunity to socialize and go easy on the pocket.

Private Van

The private van will ensure that you can travel to the airport without any pickups or stops. So, on booking the ride, when the cab reaches your place, you ride it all the way to the airport without any other pick up on the way.


This is the luxury option. This will enable their users in booking the exclusive luxury SUVs. For anyone who doesn’t think about money when it comes to class and comfort this is the best option.


The biggest downside to this app is that it isn’t available everywhere. Even in the US, this application is available only at 40 locations. This makes it very difficult for people everywhere else. In fact, for users who are used to having this facility, it is a nightmare visiting a city where it isn’t there. Although we can’t blame the business because, well, everyone has a different rate at which they can grow the business.

The Big Picture

If the biggest downside of an application is that we can’t get enough of it, it just means it must be really good. The overall verdict on this app is that it is of very high value because it makes life much easier. Travel is an expensive thing. With options such as ridesharing, it is becoming a much more affordable option.

Seeing how successful this app has been, there are many other startups that have started offering these services across the globe. It will be interesting to observe what kind of enhancement or value addition these different startups can add to their apps to make them better than SuperShuttle. Each region might have its own unique sets of demands. So, it is safe to say, these new apps will be customized as per the requirement of the particular place.

By Anurag Rathod

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