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Tips to study for CBSE class 10 science paper 2019 solutions

Tips to study for CBSE class 10 science paper 2019 solutions

Taking the exam for class 10 is one of the other bigger challenges a student has to face in their lifetime. This is a crucial exam and preparing for it needs special care. Science is one of the main subjects; a student finds pressure to perform well in. Science is again one of the most feared subjects. The ensemble syllabus of class 10 science consists of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Not all students can ace in all three. When one student is good at physics, one might dread this subject. The same goes for Chemistry and biology too. Preparing for exams is not difficult when done wisely and methodically. Let us now see how the preparations can be done in a better way.

Tip 1: First prepare for what you are best in

If we take a subject, there will be many sub-topics under it. There will be topics that you can understand better, and some which might be a little difficult to figure out. It will be best if you first prepare for the topics in which you are good. This way, these topics won’t take up much of your time and more time can be saved up to consume in difficult topics. For the difficult topics, try to follow online and offline study materials to boost up your understanding. 

Asking for help is always a good idea. Talk to your teachers and fellow students about the topics you find difficult so that they can help you in learning them. You can also opt for online tutorials for specific topics you have difficulty in understanding. Follow cbse class 10 science paper 2019 solutions to prepare for the exams. 

Tip 2: Clearing the Basic Concepts

Science is all about concepts. The more clear the idea you will have about a concept, the easier it will be for you to understand the related topics. Don’t forget to brush up on your knowledge of the relevant basic concepts. If you have a clear idea, many difficult topics will get easier for you to understand. Chemical formulas and theories come under basic concepts of science. Memorize the formulas by memorizing them – think of them as oxygen. This will help you in strengthening the knowledge of a topic. 

Tip 3: Divide your time wisely

Few topics take lesser time to prepare than some other. While preparing for your board exam, make sure to have a good time plan for your studies. Prepare first for the ones more consumable to you. Devote more time to difficult topics. Prepare the easier topics faster and keep them aside for revising later. Make sure to repeatedly revise the difficult parts so that it doesn’t escape from your mind. Remember writing is a good way of remembering. Acquire the habit of writing down what you are learning. It will be very helpful later! 

Prepare for small notes from the topics so that you can refer to them while revising. This is a huge time saver. You can have the main topics jotted down and go through them instead of brushing up on the whole book. While studying, try to have ample time in your hands to solve previous years question papers. This way you will get an idea of the pattern of questions you might get in your exam. Students also have a fear of not being able to complete the paper on time. Try to solve the previous years’ papers under the given time-space. This will help you in understanding your writing speed more. You will be able to solve the actual exam paper on time if you follow this little trick.

Tip 4: Keeping Your Calm

Not losing you calm before and during the exams is the key to scoring good marks. Just have confidence that you can do well, and all will be good! You will get lots of time to prepare. But make sure to keep some time-space for revision work too. As while revising, you can understand your need to brush up on a few topics more. 

Relax, meditate and listen to good music before your exams. Panicking will make you forget whatever you have learned. So try not to panic and keep a free mind. While writing an exam, keep a calm composure. Read the question paper thoroughly before starting to write. Briefly plan for which questions to attempt before and which ones to be kept for later. Try to answer questions first from the topics you are good in. 

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