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How can Students Save More on Daily Commute and Travel while Living Abroad

How can Students Save More on Daily Commute and Travel while Living Abroad

When pursuing higher studies, overseas students are apprehensive about many things, especially when a student plans to live modestly. Overseas students are often apprehensive, confused, and look for affordable options to stay. Students also try to look for their comfort zones ensuring hassle free stay and above all easy commute and travel in and around the city. The on-campus accommodations available in most of the cities abroad, do not offer choices and students have to compromise on their stay. The purpose-built student accommodations are the best alternative to go for personalized choices as the rooms are designed to suit specific needs. While deciding on the budget of stay, students must pay heed to the city’s consumer price index that determines the cost of living in a particular city abroad. Here are the essentials for students to take into consideration and save more on commute and travel abroad.  

Travel Concessions

When it comes to living on a budget, then saving becomes a big consideration for students living in student accommodation offering cost-effective standard of living. They start accessing ways and means to save more, especially when spending on daily commute, becomes of paramount importance. Not just daily commute to universities, students should also ensure they save on the travel when planning for weekend getaways and organizing parties with friends. Almost all the cities abroad offer student discounts on passes and travel cards. For instance, the city of Galway has its unique Galway LeapCard concession card, a nation wide travel option offering 30% discounton ‘Bus Éireann’ services in Galway city. University students can pay as little as €1.68 and, thereby, save a lot on commute. Berlin also offers semester tickets for students to travel for free in locations close to the university.  Students in Auckland can avail the AT HOP travel card for some easy discounts with the fare that rounds up around $4.90 per ride. The city of Perth provides zero-fare train trips for SmartRider travel fare card around the city center. Commuters including students can also access high frequency buses and the Transperth buses offering free rides in the city center for all its travel card users.  

Connecting Bus Services

Bus Services

Most of the cities abroad operate connecting bus services or interchange buses to reach designated area and regions without much of a hassle. These services are sometimes concessional including free shuttle services for university students as well. For example, Seoul offers the Branch bus services which is quite similar to the city bus and the community shuttle bus services. The big advantage of availing such services is to save time as the services run for shorter distances to reach major subway stations and bus terminals. These are the designated areas where buses and trains to connecting travel routes are available. SkyBus provides services between Auckland Airport and both Albany and the Auckland CBD. International students are therefore, benefitted from such services that also offer their services at nominal rates. 

Affordable Commute to Universities

Another best way to save on commute is staying close to the enrolled university with viable modes of public transport available in the vicinity. Aspirants should be living near subway stations, bus stops with regular services, tramways, and ferries that offer easy commute to university or at least leave at a spot where connecting transport services are available. Students also get concessions on fares of these connecting buses, while some of the shuttle services to universities are offered for free. Students should look for PBSAs that are situated in strategic locations especially to make daily commute easy for students. These accommodations are also within walking distance to the city center, top rated restaurants, cafes, and shops. Even the most popular tourist destinations are located nearby. For instance, Perth operates regular bus services that ply from the nearest bus stop just a 4-minutes’ walk away from popular student accommodationknown as Boulevard Perth. 

The aforementioned essentials of a city abroad, are worth considering, before planning to settle abroad and live on a budget. Students should pay heed to the various concessions available on travel cards, the connecting bus services or free shuttle services in the city and also living in an accommodation strategically located nearby universities and other most visited places in the city of dwelling.

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