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Locks are a charming device. A mystery in itself. So secretive like it’s going to spill so many beans the moment you manage to crack it open. Locks have always had an enigma associated with them. A surprise, a secret and a thrill.

The history of looks is quite uncertain, but here today, we have tried to curate a list of some of the weirdest locks from around the world that will blow your minds.

The Arvind Padlock

Indians are a mysterious people. Everything about them has an aura of mystery and wonder. This Arvind lock too is a mysterious miracle. It is a unique lock that requires you to have a couple of tricks up your sleeve in order to open it.

On the surface, it looks like a simple padlock, but inside, it’s a little tricky. You need to back up a bolt in order to ensure that the keyway cover can be removed from the lock body. Once you do that you will have to turn the keyhole cover to perpendicular to the keyhole. The internal system of the lock employs levers.

You basically can’t hack this lock just with the key. You need to be able to use the back of the lock where there is around the bolt that will release the keyhole for you to put in the levered key. It is a little complicated and a whole lot mysterious.

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Yale 1094 lock

It’s got a funny name. It’s often called the Yale Pancake lock. This lock has been around for over 100 years. A century is a really long time for a lock to survive. This lock is strange and crazy at the same time because the mechanism used in this is called the push lever system.

The unique thing about this lock is its key. It is a flat metallic rectangle with small cuts right in the end instead of along the side. There’s a small elliptical cut at the bottom of the lock where the key is supposed to go. There are so many nooks and crannies in the lock where the flat metal goes into the elliptical hole.

To open this lock, you don’t have to twist the key. You have to basically push the key further into the hole till it pops open. The small indentations at the end of the metal meet the lock grooves inside the elliptical hole and then when pushed further in, it snaps open.

The Lunatic Lock

Doing full justice to the heavy name, the lunatic lock is quite the interesting contraption to have. If you want to scare or intimidate someone, then this is the lock you should go for. Its most characteristic feature is the deadbolt that is there right on top.

There is no keyhole in this lock too! So, basically, you have played with the bolt till it releases the shackle. Then after you have secured whatever you wanted to secure, you can twist and fix it into position.

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By Anurag Rathod

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