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Steel column pumps are used in the foundation of the house so that the structure stands up perfectly and there is no problem in opening the doors, water leakage, cracks, and other. When the house is being constructed, builders, carpenters handyman and other people use steel house stumps whose size is 75 x 75 mm. Galvanized steel stumps are used by the experts to solve the problem.

Galvanized steel house stumps are considered as the best for their availability at an affordable price. They can be used during the construction of the house or when reblocking and restumping is to be done. The galvanized steel stumps are best suited for the houses, which are constructed on the soil with saltwater.

Types of Steel House Stumps

There are four types of steel house stumps, which can be used in the foundation of the house so that the structure may stand perfectly. Here is the description of each of these stumps.

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Columns

These columns are considered as the best ones but are heavy on the buyers’ pocket. The material used to manufacture these house stumps are of non-treated square tubular steel. There are two plates one at the top and other at the bottom. Both the plates are welded into the stumps. Two holes of 12mm are also made at the top and bottom of the stumps.

These rods are put into a galvanizer where an acid is poured on it. This process is done in order to remove grease and dirt. After the completion of this process, the rods are dried and then immersed into hot liquid galvanizing mixture. This is done to prevent rusting and increasing the life and reliability of the rods.

SuperGal Steel Columns

Acid is poured on to these columns to remove grease and after that, they are coated with zinc spray. Before doing all these processes, the top and bottom plates of the columns are welded on the columns. The columns are painted with cold galvanizing paint and then silver paint is sprayed on them. The columns are not fully galvanized but the silver spray makes it look like that.


These steel house stumps are not bathed or dipped in acid. They are only coated with zinc. The coating of zinc is done only on outside and not on the inside. The plates are weld on the top and bottom side of the stumps. The plates are then treated with zinc stick. After that, a cold galvanized spray is sprayed on the stumps and then silver pain is done on the outside.

Standard steel columns

These columns are neither bathed not dipped in acid. Zinc spray is also not done. Welds are also not used in these columns. They are painted with a red or a blue oxide paint on the outside.

Timber stumps

These stumps are easily available and can be connected to floor bearers. Height of these stumps can be easily adjusted. The stumps made from pine are considered good as they are light in weight and durable in nature. Since timber is a natural material, it needs to be re-stumped in the period between 20 and 70 years. The damage depends on the type of wood used. Good quality wood does not damage easily but average quality of woods deteriorates easily.

Installation of stumps

The places are marked where the stumps are to be installed and this is done with the help of spray. An auger is used to dig holes at the marked places. Concrete is poured in the holes and then stump are set in this concrete. The hole is then filled with dirt.

These are the different types of stumps, which can be installed in the foundation. Some of them are fully galvanized and some of them partially. The galvanized ones are durable and last longer.

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